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  1. Welcome to the sport! The exit and fly away looked great, good neutral arch and for the most part you stayed positive with your legs. The only advice I would give is that when you are doing practice handle touches and actually pulling, keep your chin up. Look at the altimeter on the hand that counters your pull hand, the one in front of your face. Ducking your head can lead to instability on levels 3-7 when you don’t have instructors holding on. Like you I found a new life when I started and it’s an amazing community. Welcome and here’s to your continued success. Cheers.
  2. Level 3 is a difficult level and I had to redo it 5 times. I heard a lot of the same from my instructors "you need to relax", "hit the tunnel", " work on your arch". All of it was true, but how do I relax and work on a bad arch? For the fourth try I went on a slow day and after the jump my instructor asked me to arch and noticed I started shaking. He asked why I was shaking and I told him it was my back and he laughed and told me about breaking his back and he could arch fine. He told me it wasn't my back but that I was trying to arch with my abs, he then showed me how to really arch. Stand about a foot and a half away from a wall and stick your hips into it like you are trying to hump it and lean your upper half back away from the wall, your pelvis should be the only thing touching the wall. I have passed that on to anyone I see shaking when they try to arch. Relax? Smile during the exit and free fall. Remember you didn't fail those jumps, they are learning experiences and they count towards your A. I finished AFF with 13 jumps and I was that closer to my A.
  3. http://www.uspa.org/News-Events/News/View-Article/Article/1864/USPA-Acts-to-Ensure-Proper-Tandem-Instructor-Certification This could help with the argument of "higher standards". Group members check the ratings and licenses. Non group members leave it to personal responsibility. Our sport is all about personal responsibility but it seems not all people are! Sometimes mistakes are made by USPA, for instance I sent in my license renewal and had all the correct paperwork for my rating renewal but they didn't charge me. I didn't even know until I was told I couldn't do a coach jump by manifest because my rating was expired. How pissed are the people who now have to go retake or retest their tandem rating? They trusted the person and DZ that they paid to instruct them on that rating. The people were well qualified but didn't have the qualification to instruct them. This is not about bashing Lodi, it's about the sport as a whole and stuff like this that the media feeds off of.
  4. A guy brings a girl home from the bar and things start to get hot and heavy. The girl asks, "Do you have a condom?" To which he replies. "Yes, they are in the drawer next to the rattlesnake, Go ahead and grab one" Astonished she asks "why is there a rattlesnake in your condom drawer and why do you want me to grab one" "Because I don't f*** with either one of them"
  5. I just traveled with my rig as a carry on, I bought a rig sleeve and put my alti, audible, gopro and log book in the sleeve. Passing through tsa I was expecting a lot of grief and had the tsa letter and cypress pictures. As I looked back at the xray tech ready to hand him paperwork, he looked at me and said "parachute?" I said yes and he told me they would have to swab it for explosives and I was on my way. The other two airports I went through all knew what it was and didn't question it. Its best not to put into a carry on and looks like a backpack when its in a rigsleeve. Two flight attendants knew what it was and comped my first round!
  6. Wendy I didn't mean that as an attack, maybe it was a bad choice of words. I was trying to say basically that she is doing everything in her power to implode her cause. Honestly after watching her video after the closing arguments I saw a lot of behavior she shares with a good friend that is bipolar. If you have never seen the disease in person, watch homeland and Carrie plays it pretty spot on. Sad thing is that kg believes she is right and the disease will not let her change her mind until she gets what she wants. I will debate with her points all day long but we both know as soon as I start stating facts and using logic she will delete me or attack me.
  7. The article has been updated with comments from "head Honcho" herself, unbelievable. http://www.timescall.com/longmont-local-news/ci_28163472/judge-rules-favor-mile-hi-skydiving-longmont-noise#idc-cover
  8. Ryoder first thank you for all the notes and following the case and spreading the word. Second I could be wrong on this so any lawyers in here please correct me if I am, with prejudice or without prejudice would only apply if she outright dismissed the case. The judge actually gave a ruling or in this case an order, DENIED. Congrats Mile Hi and I hope this sets a precedence for future cases. Grimmie, I know you are making an effort to cut them off at the pass by being a good neighbor but I hope most of your complainers are watching and understand that it is a federal issue.
  9. Judge says you have until the 15th to submit facts. Kim looks at her lawyer and asks, what are facts? Ryoder thank you for the coverage.
  10. As was predicted here the plaintiffs are claiming it's not as loud as it normally is. Smh
  11. The weirdest thing for me is after reading about kimmy and her problems I started to notice that, even though I live about twenty miles from a small airport, there are planes above me. They use my area to do training so they are doing stalls all the time. The funny thing is that they have been doing it for a lot longer then I ever noticed, my neighbor trains student pilots and he said they have been flying here for 30-40 years. It's pretty cool really since I'm not bothered by the sound, lately I only notice it when I hear silence for too long after a stall. Now those damn kids and their Friday sing alongs at the school across the street that I chose to live next too have got to go! Ok they are actually awesome too. Imagine waking up to fourty kindergarteners singing "cause I'm happy, clap along if you know what happiness is to you"! For most it's a subconscious thing that goes unnoticed until it's pointed out. I feel sorry for the people in Longmont that have never noticed it until they heard kimmys incessant whining.
  12. Seriously Bizarre, So is she doing this to get a point of view that the plaintiffs have? If so it is only fair to get both sides and do a tandem to understand how all of us feel about planes and jumping.