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  1. Hi Mario, Here is my $.02 A good container for WS is long and doesn't stick off your back too far. All container manufacturers make better and worse models, so ask what the dimensions of the container are before purchasing. My infinity works pretty well. It's something like 21-22" long and 4.25" high. My wife's vector works pretty well as well. It's something like ~20" long and 3.5" high. A friend of mine got a different size vector that doesn't work very well. It's 16" long. He has a hard time pulling. In general, Infinities tend to be longer. Vectors depends on the model (check their size chart). Mirages, Javelins and Wings tend to be short and chubby and work a bit less well. Like I said, figure out what sizes of canopies you want, and check with manufacturers about container sizes. Icon's "long" version of containers are popular as of late. I'm not a fan though - people I know that got them complain they sag off their back when backflying. I don't have that issue with my infinity... A semi-stowless D-bag in my experience makes a very substantial difference with openings. Definitely get whichever brand you decide to go with. Skysnatch makes your deployments more stable (watch rear-facing video). It actually has less "snatch" force than a regular PC. At least in the BASE version. Worthwhile, but I did fine without it. Then again, Infinity let me get it instead of their regular PC and discounted me the cost of the PC. That was pretty sweet. Probably avoid skyhook. Jury's still out about whether it's a good idea with wingsuits as far as I'm concerned. It could mess with AAD deployments. My wife's vector doesn't have it for that reason. WS-specific canopy is mostly not necessary. But for some people it is. If you're only beginning no need to sell your Sabre2 just yet...
  2. Diogo, I have supported AON2 in both the pebble and X2, but I wouldn't suggest the pebble as a primary audible. An Optima would be my go to choice. Here's a rundown and my opinions: 1. AON2 pebble is a cool toy. If your choice is pebble or solo I'd seriously consider pebble. But it doesn't have canopy alarms. I doesn't detect and differentiate fall rate. I mainly use mine for waypoints for WS. You also have to configure it, which is kind of a pain in the ass because you have to attach it to some other device. You have to turn it on every day, which is a pain. 2. Solo. It's basic but not bad. The default settings that come with it are reasonable, and the sounds are well calibrated to what you would expect. 3. Neptune. In my experience (between the wife and I we own 3... don't ask... I use one as my primary visual altimeter...) these can be glitchy at times. And expensive for an audible. Batteries tend to die quicker than average. Best used as a visual altimeter. 4. Optima. It has good canopy alarms. It is well calibrated. The inputs you get from it are simple and make sense. Batteries last forever and can be replaced (i.e. don't have to miss jumps waiting for altimeter to charge... happened a few times with my neptunes...). Definitely top of the game in my opinion. 5. Quattro. Never owned one, but my understanding is it's an optima with an extra alarm. 6. Protrack. Like an optima but with logging. In short if I were to have one audible, it would be an optima, quattro or protrack. If you want a second audible for better altitude awareness and wingsuiting/angle flying etc. Pebble works well.
  3. To add some datapoints to the mix: 1. Variance of release force is much greater with double stows than with single stows. Meaning off headings and line twists are much more likely 2. After I switched to single stowing small rubber bands opening heading performance increased. 3. I have about 200 jumps on a wings semi stowless d bag single stowing bungees (comes like that from manufacturer... release force - less than a pound). It worked beautifully. Like someone mentioned in this thread, the purpose of the stows is to keep your bag locked until line stretch. Single stows are more than capable of doing that. Everyone is a big boy and can decide for themselves how to pack their stuff. But I've gotten better performance out of single stowing small rubber bands, so I'm gonna stick to doing just that. If you have shitty openings, ask one of the more experienced people than you for some advice.
  4. Mainly. ...but then again, this is a Horus.
  5. Collapse resistance in places where rotors are an issue is a big one. Too many of my lighter (mostly female) friends have suffered broken backs. My bit of advise is to ask experienced jumpers (i.e. S&TA?) at your DZ if there are practical reasons to downsize, and demo canopies when the opportunity presents itself (i.e. at a boogie).
  6. I'm not sure if you are trying to leave a review or ask for one, but Russian skydiving/BASE equipment is best left to be used by Russians. If you're not a Russian best stay away...
  7. Consider demoing a nano as well. No rides on mine yet but someone on here actually did a head to head to head comparison of low bulk reserves (smart lpv was not out yet) and came back with the nano as the one he liked best.
  8. Isn't it the other way? Atair canopies are PIA spec larger than their listed sizes? See: Page 10
  9. Make sure everyone on every load knows what the agreed upon direction of landing is. Commit to a concrete direction before the plane is at altitude. Make sure everyone affirms. I don't like the idea of a wind indicator because winds can change. Pick a direction at take off based on the best information available at the time. I don't like the idea of "first person down picks" because I've seen two people going opposite directions think they are first. I've also seen people intentionally go downwind. Pick a direction as a load and stick with it.
  10. Maybe talk to these guys? This app is actually pretty good.
  11. Some moons ago at Burning Man a friend hit the tail of a PAC without a wingsuit with his head. A couple of loads prior to that one I was the last man out of the plane and the pilot took off into a dive without me even exiting the plane. Some angry screaming and he finally let me leave. Not all pilots are attentive... Some time before that, I was also last out of the plane doing a solo sitfly jump. After exiting I watched as the plane dove and flew directly under me. Some pilots just love to give shit to their passengers...
  12. This depends on manufacturer.
  13. Here is what a reserve deployment looks like from the side (this is actually a man spring loaded PC but same principle). The spring is inside the PC. You can see it. Also
  14. Looks like the old version from Aerodyne
  15. That product is vaporware. is the only skydiving manufacturer that I know that's trying to put some real padding into their helmet. When I asked them about impact testing a few moons ago the reply I got was Two obvious downsides are that they are a startup so risk of non-delivery is high (make sure your credit card has a refund policy in the event of manufacturer bankruptcy) and risk of buying a product that stops being supported a short while after. Apparently some people also buy the impact protection from these guys and stick it into their helmets themselves from here
  16. That was the rigging innovations semi stowless bag... The failure mode is in the video.
  17. "Reduce safety" is not necessarily the proper wording to use, since we're being picky of exact wording.
  18. DO NOT get a fully magnetic stowless bag. They cause out of sequence be deployments. Semi stowless is definitely the way to go. Also not all semi stowless bags are equal. The rigging innovations, chutingstar and aerodyne varieties have a built in failure mode because they use magnets.
  19. This depends on the orientation of the jumper. Realize that when Vigil says 840 ft they mean as high as 1100 feet if you are falling back-first. I would assume the same applies to the other two as well. See page 10 page 3
  20. Edit: this is the highest WL unconscious AAD save I know of. Guy was really lucky if you ask me.
  21. You mean like a Bluetooth enabled flysight? Or just Bluetooth enabled GPS? It exists for paragliders. Maybe you guys can look into integrating? They make a new hardware revision every few months based on market demand. Pretty sure they'll build you a box with some sensors if you asked for it.
  22. I don't blame you for feeling alienated by the C6 mess. I didn't order one and am better for it. I have ordered other things that haven't materialized in Skydiving though (for a price for which I could buy several C6 helmets). You should take reasonable precautions. However, my words stand. It's one thing to advocate reasonable precautions and not invest in new products yourself, it's another to advocate blind abstinence and encourage others from doing so. Advocate responsibility, accountability and preparedness not abstinence please. :)
  23. If there are no early adopters there will be no innovation. Don't discourage early adoption. I will strongly consider forking over some cash for one of the devices come start of skydiving season. Because innovation is good and not evil, and new products need financial incentives to survive "the first year". If the company goes bankrupt and doesn't deliver - that's what credit card protection is for.