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  1. I have a 91 Corvette Convertible....have ALWAYS locked the doors even with the top down. Good habit to get into.
  2. Im sure you do miss Heath. Tell him Carol from Abilene said hello when you see him.
  3. I'm a Libra as well....I need to fly again! Hey Turtle!!
  4. HEY!! GOOD LUCK GUYS! MISS YA! I need a T shirt!!
  5. Hey Turtle!! Great pics! Thanks! Hope you are doing well!
  6. Hey Ya'll!! Where in Granbury?? I'm in Abilene but could meet up with all of you!
  7. Let's all wish Casie.... A Very Happy Birthday!!
  8. Great Pic's Casie!! Thanks for sharing! Sure miss everyone! Looking forward to seeing all of you soon!!
  9. Great Pics Casie, Thanks for sharing!
  10. Ditto Casie!! I had a great time as well. Enjoyed meeting all of you! Hope to get back really soon!
  11. How Cool!! Congrats to both of you!!