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  1. I will be....we have already had a confirmed case of it in the school that I work at, and since I work with a bunch of snotty nosed 6 year olds all day, I figure it can't hurt! *daizey*
  2. 30 minutes of tunnel time:0:2 No jumping, but got to fly at Paraclete XP this weekend! It was fantastic! First time flying on my back in the tunnel and first time sitflying in the tunnel as well! *daizey*
  3. 1 heated caravan:3:1 Despite it being November in Ohio, it was near 50 degrees today and I got in 3 jumps! whoo hoo! 3 freefly jumps-one 4 way, and two 2 ways. Lots of fun! The heated caravan and packing area were nice! Beer is owed for it being the first time I've jumped this late in the year! *daizey*
  4. 2.5 hours between loads:8:1 Things got a bit backed up this weekend, but I still got 8 jumps which was cool. A couple 2 and 3way freeflies-almost all with some nice, successful docks. Brought someone new to the dark side and we even got a sweet dock! Beer is owed for my first off landing at this dropzone ever. *daizey*
  5. 1 absolutely gorgeous sunset jump:11:1 First jump on my new pilot this weekend! Whoo hoo! 11 fabulous jumps-and 3 much anticipated docks on a good friend! We have been working sicne the fourth of July to accomplish that!! Ended the weekend with a gorgeous sunset jump that was breathtaking. Other than that, just lots of fun sitflying with some good, and new, friends. Worked on cleaning it up some more and really just getting as much jumnping in as possible before the planes go away at the end of the month (one gone, one to go) We need to move somewhere warmer *daizey*
  6. Your numbers are incorrect Anyway, for me: 1 sweet demo canopy:13:1 Demoing a Pilot 132 this weekend. I think I am in love!! What a great canopy! Anyway 13 FUN jumps this weekend where I learned a LOT. Got my first true dock in a sit-no more of this 'hey i hit your leg with my hand... that counts right?' We actually flew it for a bit! Learned how to fly a lot better in my sit. Did a bunch of 2 ways, a few 3 ways, 2 solos, and a high pull. Lots of fun!! *daizey*
  7. I'm kinda hoping for the same. I love the time off-but I hate burning through all of our snowdays in September! *daizey*
  8. Beth come to Columbus! haha I have been out of work for 3 days too because of the storm *daizey*
  9. 1 near cutaway:10:A lot 10 very sweet jumps this weekend-the last one of the weekend almost ended in a cutaway when it opened in it steep spin-ugh! a bunch of freefly jumps with phreezone working on docking, fallrate, and just general moving around, a few other fun sitflys with some friends, 1 solo, and one very sweet raft dive that everyone got into the raft on! First skyvan, first dock, first successful raft dive, and too much more to count! *daizey*
  10. If you are a HUGE Harry Potter fan like me, you've been waiting for this!! It's been a year since Deathly Hallows and (finally) today the the Half Blood Prince Trailer was released! See it here! It looks gooood! Only 115 days to go! *daizey*
  11. Yay for us!! I've posted a picture of the formation close to building but not complete (missing one grip), as those photos are being sent into parachutist, and therefore cannot be published elsewhere Also a ground shots of all the girls. Photo credit goes to Eric Boerger.
  12. 1 weekend that I finally didn't have any plans or was sick:4:2 4 fun jumps this weekend! One sitfly with Eric and a 3way hybrid with Aaron and Tara on Saturday followed by icky weather. Today, practice jumps for the Women's Ohio State RW record-short and interrupted due to weather. My first 12 way with 12 girls followed by an all girl 8 way. Followed by more icky weather. Yuck! But lots of fun!
  13. 1 new set of brake lines:3:1 New lower brake lines on my canopy-its amazing to see how nice it flies and flares now! Got in 3 fun jumps: 1 3-way rw, 1 hybrid where I attempted to hang for the first time, and 1 2-way sit. Lots of fun!! *daizey*
  14. Registered Oct 7, 2002...but originally started posting in September 2002 under a different username. Then: 17 year old college freshman living on Long Island in NY. Talked into coming here by my cousin to learn some more information about skydiving before making my first jump that following spring. Spent many nights posting questions, replying to fun threads and flirting with Viking. Taught swimming lessons for a lot of money, swam competitively in ALL of my free time. Lived in a TINY dorm room with a scary roommate. Played in NYC at night, studied on the beach during the day. Had a THICK NY accent and loved life. Now: 23 years old living outside Columbus, Ohio. Only come here every so often, and post even less. I no longer flirt with anyone here, because I have my very own moderator here at home. Still teaching, though not swimming and definitely NOT for a lot of money. Only swim recreationally in some of my little free time. Live in a beautiful house with a dog, 2 cats, and a non-scary fiancé. Miss the city all the time, look at fields instead (lol). Only studying I do is not at the beach, but about the beach for my upcoming wedding. Have very faint NY accent and love life. *daizey*
  15. Daizey

    Dog Names

    You could try something from a different language to describer her, or just find a pretty word that works for a name. When we got our puppy we tried everything-human names, object names, silly names, etc. Then I started searching some Japanese names. Kohana-which means little flower, was so nice, but just a little too exotic, so we chose Hana (flower-and pronounced Hah-nuh- not Hannah) for short. It's unique and fits her perfectly
  16. Happy Happy Birthday! Hope you had a wonderful one! *daizey*
  17. I've flown airtran, southwest, and jetblue-all with wonderful experiences-jetblue being the best. *daizey*
  18. Thanks Tiff! Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes! And Shane, I don't need to make Eric to take me to dinner, he already is
  19. 1 night of moving furniture:11:lots New furniture arrives today! So we came home a bit early from the dz yesterday to move all of the old stuff out. Havd a GREAT weekend! Winds were a bit high on Saturday, but I managed to do 3 at the end of the day once they calmed a bit. Sunday I did 7 jumps and Monday just 1. Lots of fun jumps! Mostly working on my sitfly, a little bit of belly, and a very interesting hybrid that went upside down and flew stably that way! A very fun weekend! *daizey*
  20. 1 wonderful de-stressing weekend:5:0 Work was a nightmare this week so it was nice to get away for the weekend. Even if the weather was icky on Saturday. 2 cessna jumps to start off the day when everyone else was asleep-one from 3,000 and the other from 7,500. It was gorgeous out so I did two hop and pops and played a bit under canopy. The other 3 jumps were from the otter-2 solo sitflys and 1 two-way sitfly where I was told my sit was "rock solid" Yipppee!! Great weekend, unfortunately I now have to go return to the nightmare for the week *daizey*
  21. what he said Except my jumps were all freeflys-4 solos, and 2 2ways. I'm finally starting to get my sit down! Hooray! Passed a bottle cap back and forth between hand and did some turns and stuff. It's getting there! I'm finally starting to get comfortable with another person out with me too! *daizey*
  22. 1 sweet new freefly suit:7:1 7 nice jumps on 07/07/07