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  1. Dthames hows it going. I found the initial burn of altitude helped greatly as you mentioned.. I initially could not work out why my body\airframe was buffeting so much towards the end of the track duration without throwing in a bucket load of arch in the track, it was because of the loss of FORWARD airspeed in delta\track position due to drag and a crosswind I suspect. My thoughts are that around every 3500ft, a drop down or altitude burn is necessary to maintain a good GR and forward airspeed, especially with a tracking suit on. Edit: I may also have been buffeting from over speeding, Without the flysight I wont know. "You'll shoot your eye out kid"
  2. Hey Highrad, Yeah ive heard some great things about the flysight and will order one. I like your point about time not being an indicator of effective tracking especially in the domain of horizontal distance covered. GR of 0.8:1 at 72 MPH is pretty good, nice work. You mentioning being relaxed vs tense\stiff body hyper extended is interesting too, I was wondering which was more effective. "You'll shoot your eye out kid"
  3. answer found, freakin sweet http://realhumanfly.webnode.it/atmonauti/ sorry to post such a silly question geniuses. I should have known.. "You'll shoot your eye out kid"
  4. Howdy folks I hope you all are well, I have a question for all of you tracking gods out there. How much extra median flight time can one expect from a good track from 14.000 ft. ? I have had some mention to me during training that they can get (27) extra seconds of flight time from 14.000 feet ?!, not wearing any suit other than a regular freefly suit.. Ie no tracking suit or wingsuit worn..! To get a 87 second flight from just tracking and body position from 14.000 ft seems incredible..Can any of you achieve this ? If the ideal tracking angle is at 45 degrees to the earth to gain a 1:1 glide ratio it achieves 10 extra seconds of flight from 14.000 ft. I cannot comprehend how someone 6ft tall weighing 180 lbs in a tight fit vertical freefly suit can gain a 1.8:1 glide ratio. Does 27 seconds of extra tracking time seem correct under ideal conditions to any of you. ? I really need to be a proficient tracker, and having experimented with palms up vs palms down, leg and arm width\elevation angles, extent of de-arch, head and chin tuck position, duration of initial drop down etc nothing has really yielded magical flight times for me thus far.. what have you guys found is key to increased glide ratio and flight time.? Best regards Edra "You'll shoot your eye out kid"
  5. Hello all.. not sure if i'm in the right section but thought I would ask here in gear.. I was watching some guys swooping the other day and one of them had a chute that sounded like a formula 1 car or jet quite literally.. Does anyone know which canopy's scream like this and why ? "You'll shoot your eye out kid"
  6. Thank you lads, that one is another prime example.. We can see other canopys landing further up wind without encountering the air gremlin. To deflate the canopy like that is really scary so close to the ground. its like the canopy ingests a pocket of nothing for air, they appear around 500 ft and under... Question for those in the know.. Would one of those Brian Germain designed one way inlet canopys make these kinds of encounters safer by not deflating upon encountering the Air Gremlin ? "You'll shoot your eye out kid"
  7. Ok gotcha thank you lads, your insight on the Petra has helped greatly I would have been forever mystified as to what happened there. It was so sudden and the canopy went the opposite direction to what i thought was even physically possible. "You'll shoot your eye out kid"
  8. This is going to seem ridiculous but in the following video at 3:20 we see someone setting up for a swoop and they get a air gremlin ??. What is that. Why did that happen at 3:20 to that canopy? Does any one else have experience of such things ? I have tried search but to no avail. It is quite scary to see the direction and speed that the canopy failure occurs... let alone the altitude. Thanks in advance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0GcJxwM_pw#t=208 [yout­ube]c0GcJxwM_pw#t=208[/you­tube] "You'll shoot your eye out kid"
  9. I have been diving at a new drop zone a bit lately and Im new to 3,4,5,+ way formation dives. I am on my way though my B rel table. I came across a group of 5-6 "local" jumpers whom were resident sport jumpers at the Dz and the group, one in particular thought that smashing though a formation from above was an acceptable and sporting done thing. !?? As in the others were in a 5 way circle formation and he would come in over the top and blow though the hole in the middle. haha. Surely this is a dangerous thing.? I was on the floor packing my chute watching 5 of these guys (one female) replay this apparently funny look at me smash though the hole video again and again for 1\2 an hour, with comments like "did you see me knee you in the head you went way over there". "ha that was me i knocked you after he smashed into me ha" whilst showing this video. I then went on to be told that this guy does this every time..."its his thing" They then went on to talk about how AAD's were a "lazy mans device" and that deploying your reserve your self was how real skydivers did it. Baring in mind these individuals were all mid 30s to mid 40s in age, lord knows how. In a separate conversation I overheard the CI saying to some girls that in his day he'd do 3-4 way downplane rotor's to 100 ft and 1st one to let go bought a slab ha.. but then regulations came in because dickheads killed em selves haha...WTF Guy. Even as I write this now I start to get angry. Surely this kind of risky mentality is not the "in crew mind set" in skydiving ? Im in Australia and I know there is a big bogan stupidity factor out here amongst grown adults but quite frankly this is why I have zero interest in X way formation diving. "You'll shoot your eye out kid"
  10. You'll shoot your eye out kid. Lol... Klassic "You'll shoot your eye out kid"
  11. Thank you Pat works..some of the best advice I have read on this forum ..Ever. 52 years.. wow I have a long way to go.
  12. Thanks Greg. It has changed my life in a big way. It was more difficult than I thought, Having a small brain capacity I realize I am someone who finds it difficult to learn from anyone who uses insults or ego based communication to "teach". Certain people and personality types make it tough for me.. Instructors who used calm relaxed caring confidence and humor made it all very easy and FUN to learn. I realize now that the USA is very good in this regard having spent time growing up in Phoenix. It is all about the relationship you have with the person teaching i think...I owe a great deal to a small group of people at the school, and they were all of great personal inspiration.. male and female. I have finished AFF levels 1-8, It took me a few go's to complete 7.. :). I am on to a solo and 2 hop and pop's to complete level's 9-10 then 5 more solo's and im looking forward to my A license... I look forward to learning more from you all on the other pages. Blue skys.. Peace...Love "You'll shoot your eye out kid"
  13. Well said DrDom, cheers TrafficDiver, Skymama. I appreciate the words of encouragement from you all. I have invested in some tunnel time here at ifly when the facilities have finished construction to get my skills up. Very Excited. Perhaps I will get to meet some of you on a US camp or boogie coming up. Best Regards
  14. Understood Skymama,.. I have been reading your wise words for some time now, cheers for the welcome. For me this journey of skydiving is about being more present in the moment here in life, becoming a better person on multiple levels. Im booked mid Nov for my 7 day AFF camp. Levels 1-10.. Hopefully weather and body permitting I can get in an extra 10 dives. in the 2 days following. :) "You'll shoot your eye out kid"
  15. My Apology for the long winded hello, not sure why I felt the need to share quite so much, I guess If I should depart this earth accidently doing what i love at least my thought processes are partially written down on record. Anyways good to meet you Trafficdiver, I have done Tandem. Marriage is something I think I could only do once though, unlike skydiving
  16. I just wanted to say hello to you all from Melbourne Australia, I have been reading and appreciating much of the wisdom on this forum for a few years and am starting my AFF on a quest for my A license and beyond..I thought it was time to join and say hello and thank you to everyone for sharing their knowledge. Its reassuring to know that the majority of you are safety first when it comes to a sport\occupation\MOI in which life and death sit closely to one another. I'm a huge fan of this sport and Ive held off far too long getting my A license for various reasons mostly based around family and my wife insisting skydiving was reckless and dangerous for any parent. I married a Croatian\Australian career woman 7 years ago and she requested I stay at home for the last 6 years and raise our 2 amazing daughters, cook, clean, vacuum, mop, shop, pay bills, renovate the house, clean up poo... whilst she get a second masters degree at uni and continue her 300k per annum career for "our interests as a family". :), Luckily I ran my own business from home. But then years after I caught her cheating on me with another guy from work, another supermarket property executive, she decided the married life wasn't for her at 42 and wanted a separation\divorce and to take the children naturally, she said that I was not required now as they'd be at school. I said yes sure, I need a long vacation and I am way behind on life, I am glad to have been of service to you during the heavy lifting phase. I was kind of left with the feeling that Id burned 7 years of life into thin air and had been used with nothing to show for it at 35, really by society's standards. The experience gave me a huge appreciation for the single mums and parents out there going through the difficulty of raising children alone and generally unappreciated and unable to live their life goals or dreams due to other commitments.. My time of contemplation also gave me other strange reverse insights into the procession of BIRTH-LIFE- DEATH on this planet we call home, and how we as a parents in society feel about our children's life choices and the lives they have ahead of them.. other thoughts such as: What if my parents had to bury or cremate ME ?? What are the implications of my DEATH to my family members ? How would my death affect my Mothers or my Fathers remaining existence on this Earth? What would my wife think if I died ? The answers to those questions and others of import are unique to each person on this planet and hold different amounts of weight or importance to each. However in my particular circumstance it came as one of Irony and Humor loud and clear: AND it is the moral of my long winded Hello to you all regarding life's aspirations that carry feasible risk with inherent reward. FORTUNE FAVORS THE BOLD ........ SHE WHO DARES, WINS. : ) my dear ex wife could not swim and I realized most of her life decisions were based on fear, and having been mocked by her for wanting to be a skydiver was just her way of protecting her environment and a natural learned reaction to a fear. anyway If you have ever played Monopoly you know it feels good to have a "Get out of jail free" card so here I am. Love to you all, and thank you in Advance. Edra "You'll shoot your eye out kid"