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  1. I went to this website: Why is it asking me for a membership # while I'm trying to establish a membership? Am I missing something here? I'm trying to join brand new, should I just skip the section for the membership #?
  2. Gear came in and I jumped it today. All checks out and had an awesome first solo jump. Thanks everyone!
  3. Well my order already shipped so I guess I'll just test it out and see what happens. How many jumps did you do on the Viplo, and was it just that one time that it messed up? @ Kalrigan, there is no option like that you pay for each jump that you use the gear, it might be best just to bring all your gear in a duffel bag or something.
  4. Right now is the best time of the year in Dubai, weather is perfect. Towards late April the weather starts to really heat up. Its all on a per jump basis Suit: 20 AED ($5) Altimeter: 40 AED ($10) Helmet:40 AED ($10) Rig: 75 AED ($20) Take note that there are two dropzones in Dubai, the palm dropzone requires jumpers to have a D license as a minimum to jump there. The second dropzone is in the desert 30 minutes out of from downtown; view isn't as awesome but its still pretty cool.
  5. I can still change my order I guess, I just liked the face on the FT50/60 more. Is there a malfunction history with the Viplo? If the brand isn't reliable then I'll definitely change. The original Benny's liner looks like it will wear and tear much faster with use. So I figured I might as well go the extra mile and get proper padding. These are the goggles I got if anyone is interested: Thanks again
  6. Haha its all good, renting at my DZ is fucking expensive and now that I finished AFF the equipment isn't inclusive. So I figured I might as well get the bare-bones to mitigate the cost of the jump Placed my order on the Advanced Benny, Superlight Alti, & some decent looking goggles. That should be enough for awhile! Thanks for the help
  7. I'm only at the drop zone once a week, and I wanna get my gear shipped before I go to the dropzone this week so I don't have to rent. The dropzone provides plenty of support and for the amount I'm paying there I'm most definitely utilizing it. However, this doesn't mean I can't also look elsewhere for some answers.
  8. I thought the one I picked is also glow in the dark but the difference only being that the background is white instead of black. I'm not a fan of the black background xD
  9. Here are the items I had in mind to order, if anything seems too cheap or expensive I'd appreciate a heads up as I'm not really familiar with the norm/quality. Altimeter: Helmet: Suit: I heard its best to custom order this from the DZ?
  10. Just finished my Cat B jump today and the opening was way smoother this time. Definitely had a rough opening on the first jump.
  11. What do you mean? I'm not sure I understand.
  12. I'm not writing off style as unimportant, I'm writing off the ridiculous notion of emasculating someone based of their choice of socks. Maybe its time I welcomed you both to 2013 where ankle socks & low-cuts are common footwear amongst men who play sports, especially amongst runners and bicyclists. Next thing I know you'll call Usian Bolt a pussy because he didn't have socks up to his knees, get a grip.
  13. Well I'm doing my Cat B on Friday I guess I'll post back then and see if its the same or any different. I can tell there are somethings I'm gonna have to get use to, I don't mind things being a bit rough in the start though. Thanks for the encouraging advice. PS: I'm not really interested in adopting a middle school mentality on foot wear, ankle socks are unisex and there's no problem with men wearing them, if you feel uncomfortable in them that's fine but don't project that insecurity on others