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  1. Ahh finaly! I was going to ask if this could be moved.
  2. Pretty neat video of some old barnstormers, and theres a few clips of some parachutists in the middle and towards the end. There was even a plane that went down under canopy!
  3. I am not at the age to where i can jump yet so i cant say anything about jumping, but the nicest thing anyone has done for me at the DZ would probably be when we had a weather delay and the pilot took time out of his day to start teaching me about flying. And then the next week the dropzone owner took me u for a ride in his 182! And beleive it or not that was the first time i had ever flown in anything.
  4. He has been supervising me so far. He also gave me his old Raven II canopy to practice on.
  5. Season is over here in Michigan, but next year I hope to be packing at a DZ. My dad who is an FAA senior rigger has been teaching me about packing and rigging for a few months now and iby next summer I hope to be packing at his friends DZ. Would this be possible for me to do or would there be some kind of limitation (Aside from skill)?
  6. I remember when my dad still had his old Singer 7 Class for harness work. That thing was one hell of a sewing machine
  7. The Packard Plant is such a mess and so many gangs lurk around in there i dont know why any one would want to go. Trust me i like urban exploration but all there is at the Packard Plant now is broken concrete and graffitti.
  8. Yep both my mo and dad jumped. My mom wants nothing to do with it now, and my dad dosnt jump that often anymore but he does radio and packs for his friend's dropzone.
  9. Im 14 so obviously i cant jump, however i can pack. Annnnnd thats about it. Hi