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  1. After doing a tandem elsewhere last year, my fiance and I checked out the reviews here on and decided to check out STF to continue our skydiving adventures. We made a trip out there to check them out. Everyone there, staff and jumpers, had great attitudes. The grounds are beautiful, nice manicured fields and ponds. We decided this is where we'd like to call home, so much so we are having our wedding here in May 2014. Hans and his staff were more than happy to oblige. We both started our AFF jumps last weekend and couldn't be happier. The gear is great and the instructors are fun and helpful. If you live in GA or any surrounding states, I definitely recommend checking them out, you won't be sorry....
  2. As an early Christmas present, my fiance's dad bought both of us tandem jumps on groupon. We brought 2 other friends with us up from Atlanta. We had planned on spending the day there, doing our jump, grilling burgers, and having some drinks since it was a 2 hour drive. When we arrived we were told it was a 10k jump and 2 of us forked out another $120 to upgrade to 14k. After about 30 mins we geared up and did our little class. The ride to altitude was ok the instructors were pretty fun and John pretty much convinced me that becoming an instuctor is what I wanted to do for a living. The jump went well, the video's weren't very good. We didn't get a chill vibe from the staff, they were too busy churning out tandems, so we packed up and drove home. I'm quite happy we chose to do our AFF/A-license jumps at a much more friendly and fun DZ closer to ATL that had way better reviews.