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  1. If you want to stay Aerodyne, I would recommend the Pilot7. I am very much enjoying mine as my wingsuit canopy. No fuss, no worries way to end a great wingsuit skydive!
  2. Scotty, I jump out of Skydive Panama City at Calhoun County Airport near Altha, FL. You should come on out one weekend before you leave and meet everyone. Welcome to the Panhandle and to your skydiving adventure! Ian
  3. My experience with two Aerodyne NexGen's has been awesome. A lot of features for the price and Aerodyne has been helpful answering my questions during the ordering process. Just another manufacturer to possibly consider. Both were custom fit to me and are super comfortable. Make sure you have someone measure you who is good at it and understands the dynamics of the rig you are ordering.
  4. They are very different disciplines to me that share the common denominator of a parachute. Each has its highlights. I know that I will always skydive. BASE I entered with an objective and am just starting out. Folks have entered BASE without skydiving but this is generally not recommended. It seems that these sorts of discussions focus on risk, but I will say that in terms of intense satisfaction 1 BASE jump is equivalent to some of the best skydives I have had. My first BASE jump ignited a passion that has never left. The preparation, both mental and physical, required to make a BASE jump I feel are part of what makes it more rewarding on a per jump basis to me. If you want to BASE I subscribe to the you can never have enough skydives school of thought, so hopefully you will fall in love with skydiving first and then fall in love with BASE when the time and circumstances are right for you.
  5. I just got my Havok Carve yesterday too! Nothing like seeing a Phoenix Fly emblemed orange bag waiting on your doorstep after a long day at work. 4 weeks and 5 days for me with shipping.
  6. Head for the hills! In all actuality, both the manufacturers you mention make a quality suit that would be a great first suit for you. You will run into a myriad of opinions and customer experiences for both manufacturers. From my most recent experiences ordering my Snatch's from Squirrel and my Havok Carve from Phoenix Fly, both have very good customer service and the lead time for my Phoenix Fly suit was within a month. I would recommend you take a wingsuit FJC if you can or at least find a wingsuit mentor to help you get started. You might consider giving Wicked Wingsuits a call and seeing if they might have suits to fit you that you could rent to tryout. Blue Skies and welcome to the flock!
  7. I have 200 hundred jumps on my ICON NexGen, manufactured in Oct 2013. Do you stow your brake lines up then down, as in towards the canopy and then run the excess down towards the container or do you stow them down towards the container and then up in the loops behind the riser towards the canopy? I have never experienced a toggle fire on my NexGen, but have heard that stowing down then up can possibly lead to this with old/worn out risers which definitely is not the case here. I also seat and stow my toggle and excess brake line, then pre-tension the system by pulling on the brake line above the ring towards the canopy. It helps to set the brakes you might say. Not sure if this helps, but it is what I learned in BASE packing so I figure it couldn't hurt. Sorry to hear about these difficulties, I have fully enjoyed my NexGen and am ordering another one as we speak. If Aerodyne provides you with any answer on the brake fires, please post so we all can know what to look out for.
  8. G3 for me. Great field of view and I can see my VisoII that is on a pillow on my chest strap just fine.
  9. I have been jumping my ICON NexGen for the past year and thoroughly like the container and its many features. I have never had a problem with my magnetic riser covers opening. My rig is quite comfortable and so far has shown itself to be well built after 188 jumps. I have a Skyhook installed but thankfully have never had to try it out. My two cents would be the NexGen over a Wings.
  10. I have about 200 jumps on my Icon NexGen. I have never had an issue with my magnetic riser covers in any body orientation. I do like the rig and will hopefully be buying another one soon that will be setup for wingsuiting.
  11. A properly fitting rig helps a lot on distributing those loads also. If you deploy from a belly to earth position and take a few seconds to get in a good body position and deploy as slowly as you can fall stable, I think your clavicles should be saved from most of the opening force. A premature unexpected opening is anybody's guess.
  12. I have 68 jumps currently on my ICON Nexgen with 175 Smart reserve and 188 ZP Pilot main. I bought the container without seeing one in person, based entirely on recommendations from experienced jumpers. I love mine. I couldn't be happier. It seems to actually represent a blend of the best features offered by the other manufacturers. We had an Aerodyne demo day just a few weeks ago at Skydive Panama City. I would recommend making a demo day if you can, you can try out both the container and mains you are considering. Best of luck with your gear purchase. Aerodyne customer service has also been awesome.
  13. Napalm, I am awaiting the delivery of my NexGen at the end of this month with a Pilot main also. Since there are no real reviews of this rig, what do you think? I chose this rig sight unseen on recommendations only from folks I really trust. How do you like it? Hope they fix my d-bag before I get it. Ian
  14. Best advice, which is nearly impossible to do is just relax! (shaking my hand with hanging fingers) Everything will seem overwhelming at first, but it will all get better. Congratulations on even being willing to push yourself to jump out of an airplane. Just have fun, listen to your instructors, chair fly your jumps. Taking the time to mentally reherse your jumps at ground level and airspeed zero definitely helps. It really is a mental game. Best of luck and have fun on your first jump! You will have you A License in no time.
  15. I figured that there would be a lot of support in this group for sure. Skydivers tend to be great people and I am looking forward to visiting new DZ's. I used to race motorcycles, and let's just say racing forums had a different crowd. I don't mind a little good natured humor and ridicule though! Congrats on your "A"! I don't know about you, but with the Florida heat I love being able to jump without a jumpsuit on all the time now.