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  1. The helmet looks awesome, but: Why did they change the size pattern? I was so excited and ordered it asap when the helmet was available, but had to send it back, and reason: XS in G3 fits me perfect, but since change of size pattern the XS was too big. I did also send email to Cookie, but they was not much helpful. Sucks to have a head shape that most manufactorers seems to avoid making helmets for. And sad to see Cookie following this pattern in the new G4! I wish that hey would make some smaller sizes (like XXS) I did write an email to Cookie about it, but they did not bother to reply. Would even pay a bit extra if that would ever happen.
  2. The cypress is up to date - had 4 year check 3months ago. It have been jumped mostly in scandinavia. The rig are in good condition. Will get a full check on it to be 100% sure about it.
  3. The details i have for now: Wings container - 2002 (200-250 jumps) 140 reserve (not sure type) - 2002 (no jumps) Spectre 150 - 2002 (200-250 jumps) Cypress 2 - 2009 I cant really see what info i did miss to mention.
  4. 140? Who the hell makes a 140?????? If that sounds wrong, i might have the wrong data about that part. I just wanted to get some kind of answers if it could be a nice deal, or not, but i can clearly see that it is more fun to just troll this post.
  5. The container is Wings with a 140 reserve and a Spectre 150 main. Yes it is suitable for me, would not think about buying something i wont fit.
  6. Hi, I got a deal on a rig, and wonder if it is a nice deal. The full system is from 2001 and got ~200 jumps. The cypress was new in 2009 and had its 4year check. The seller wants $3600 for the full system. It sounds like a good deal for me, but since it is my first buy, i would be sure to not say yes to a bad deal.