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  1. I am from Germany. The repack cycle here is 12 months.
  2. Yes, I have. It's a cypres 2. It is located at the top of the container. You can see it in the attachment.
  3. Hi guys, Last weekend my reserve loop ripped apart as I stooped down while waiting for boarding. It ripped on the point where it was spliced. That's why it was not possible to recognize possible damage on the loop during a pin check. The container is a Next from Paratec DOM ~2002. The reserve was repacked 8 months ago was not exposed to any exceptional load in this time. When we had a first look at the grommets they seemed fine but my rigger will examine them in detail during this week. He packed my reserve and he always uses airtec cypres reserve closing loops. Is there anyone who had the same problem? What are possible reasons for what happened and how can I make sure, that this will not happen again? Just repacking the reserve and hoping for the best is no option. I am really worried, because if this would have happened in the sky then it could have been the last jump for me and some fellows. Blue Skies!