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  1. Simone,
    US requirement: if you have not jumped within 30 days, all students (anyone not in possession of at least an A licence) must perform a recurrency jump at the same level as your previous jump with a certified instructor if you have not completed all insturctor supervised jumps. However, this is also dependant on how long ago your last jump was conducted.

    If you have completed all instructor supervised jumps and have not jumped with in 30 days, you should at least perform a Category D jump with an instructor to demonstrate proficency. After this recurrency jump, if you have completed all levels of AFF trainning required under the supervision of a certified insturctor, you are cleared to conduct solo jumps. All other jumps (those made with other jumpers) must be made under the supervision of an appropriately rated USPA Coach or Instructor (US requirement).

    However, different drop zones may require additional instruction or limit what you are allowed to do. However, what I have listed is the minimum requirement.

    To anyone else reading this, please chime in if I missed anything.