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  1. The DZ just hosted the Alberta Provincial Championships this weekend,so she really was busy.
  2. if you click on the url icon before and /url after makes them clicky
  3. http://phuketwan.com/tourism/phuket-birdman-taking-plunge-skydive-surin-wedding-15415/
  4. With you being in Florida another option before starting AFF is a little bit of Wind tunnel time. http://www.iflyorlando.com/ifly-indoor-skydiving It would help build your confidence, teach you correct body position without the stress of jumping out of an airplane.
  5. great cartoon, your cartoonland falling scene with the flower pot reminded me of the scent from 'hitchhikers guide to the galaxy' with the whale and the bowl of petunias http://www.imdb.com/character/ch0007558/quotes too bad the whale didn't have a parachute! Andrew
  6. Common Sense Prevails http://www.turnto23.com/news/29616137/detail.html
  7. www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpwiqBCSN10
  8. click on your profile ( paul.Mcallister in the original post) there should be a button for edit profile and edit /add picture in the top left
  9. Where does it say this? Page 135 - 136 (PIM 2A) Bi-plane configuration This occurs when one canopy is flying directly in front of the other, also known as a "stack". The nose of the rear canopy will tend to "lock" into the front canopy lines. NEVER cut away the main canopy when it is in front. First, ensure that there are no entanglements. Take the time to LOOK! Trace all 8 risers to see they are clear, up to the sliders, and visually follow the lines up to each canopy. The risers could be entangled; you must look up and follow each riser to make sure they are all clear of one another. DO NOT release the brakes. If the canopies or risers are entangled (this can happen if the reserve fires through the main canopy through deployment), or you are at less than 1000', or you are unsure, then steer the FRONT canopy, very gently, using the Rear Risers. Canopies of similar size will fly compatibly. Try to prevent a down-plane. If the canopies are not entangled, you can use the rear risers on the REAR canopy and steer into a side-by-side configuration. Then follow the information above for a side-by-side. When landing, DO NOT flare, and be ready to perform a PLF. The descent rate of two canopies out is slower than if you are under a single canopy. you have confused you can (an option) with you should
  10. You can't get the mag without becoming a member $74 overseas membership
  11. WS reqires freefall skills, 200 jumps at a turbine DZ will represent 200 mins of FF time ( 1min per jump) 3h 20mins Small group RW will develop more precise flying Larger group RW, will teach you, approach to bigger formations, floater track, swoop for later divers etc Free fly will help with recovery from instability( balling up so as not to cork) Group Tracking dives should help with body position, flying a pattern , and break off procedures Remember 200 jumps is a minimum
  12. It's the same in Canada ,CSPA membership card with highest CoP( license) and certified ratings. CSPA 3rd party insurance is valid world wide to members who are normally resident in Canada
  13. http://www.edmontonjournal.com/technology/Parachutist taking another shot record breaking jump over Saskatchewan/2920096/story.html
  14. From the above website * 6 ans expérience * 600 sauts * instructeur A et B * Entraîneur niveau 1 * Snowboarder professionnel * membre de l'équipe Canadienne ``CSF``