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  1. Now I am glad it happened as it did. Enjoyed watching Bama win. However, when it happened I was just crazy with some "over the head toss to nowhere"....geeez
  2. Holding it together for a whole season has defiantly killed them, but I can still dream. Bama took a couple of recruits the "Black Bears" really wanted...so we shall see. Darn it is a long time till football.
  3. That's the sign for "dad" in sign language, yes. Only that wasn't his intent. It's the sign these fucking Ole Miss Rebel defensive players use to call themselves the "Landsharks". Better watch out for those Landsharks...this could be three years in a row!!!
  4. BSBD Herb.....Mardi Gras was always a blast.
  5. Your anger at the desire to hold police accountable for their actions is a joke. Liberals like me are not anti cop. , nor are the masses. We are anti police abusing their powers. We all understand that the thin blue line is needed to stand between civilization and anarchy. And we all bleed and feel pain when one of them pays the price in performing their duty. But there can be no denying that a small subset of officers are attracted to the job for the wrong reasons. There can also be no denying that minorities in general, and black people in particular have been the targets of discriminatory policing by some. Liberals, and even some conservatives want to use the modern tools available to prevent inappropriate police behavior and to remove police who are not professional in their actions. In the Ferguson case it is pretty clear to objective people that Darren Wilson was not guilty of wrong doing other than the way he started the interaction with Micheal Brown. In my mind Brown was the author of his own misfortune. But it is just as true that the subsequent investigation revealed a systemically racist civic government with a police department to match. I also find the slogan "black lives matter" to be an unfortunate choice. There is simply a word missing from it. It's there in the subtext, but people are refusing to acknowledge that fact. The real meaning of the slogan is "black lives matter too". If you read it that way, which is the idea it is intended to put across, you will find little to offend you. We need police to keep the streets safe. We need oversight of the police to keep them professional. All anyone is asking is for the police to be professionals. I find it very hard not to agree with a lot of this. You stated it very well.
  6. DEFOGit wipes by Clarity work really well. You can get them in the WalMart vision center. They work really well in hot or cold.
  7. A serious issue and situation.....but damn, that is funny.
  8. Thanks for that....it was quite a hoot, or poot, or something.
  9. Dealing with dumbasses is indeed a time consuming burden, but someone has to do it. And maybe just enjoying being mean.
  10. Just watched the Bolts raise their Eastern Conference Championship banner. Hope they can keep last years momentum going.
  11. No, they fucking don't. There is a method called deescalation practiced very successfully by Germany law enforcement. We also have IED laying criminals. We cope without bloody military weap _____________________________________________ Having worked with and trained with German SWAT teams over many years I am not sure your statement is totally accurate. But I also realize to try to make a alternate response is only going to lead to "hellfire". Suffice it to say that they are wonderful operators who I would be proud to work with. Yes, Normiss, change is coming, and change is needed, as it is necessary in many areas of our society and government. But until then, someone still has to have their finger in the hole in the dike.
  12. Nice Job. I love the Keys. And Alabama Jacks is really great. The views are super. Looks like ya'll had fun.
  13. I have this feeling that many whom dislike Boehner, will soon be wishing for his return. I think you are most likely correct on this.
  14. xsniper

    The BBQ thread

    Depends on the size. I have a medium and it was about $800. But you will never have to replace it. I have gone thru, and cooked the bottom out of, a bunch of various grills. I finally just decided to make the leap about 2 years ago and never wished I hadn't. I can fire it up at 10 PM, settle the temperature, and do a low and slow pork shoulder all night long. When I get up the next morning the temp is right where it should be. I usually wrap the shoulder in foil for a few more hours, rest it in a cooler for another hour, and it just falls apart. All night cook and never added anymore lump charcoal.
  15. xsniper

    The BBQ thread

    I use a Big Green Egg and love it. Living in Florida I grill most every week. Love low and slow cooks, but this is really great steak recipe. It is hot searing followed by a softer finish. Apply Dizzy Pig Cow Lick rub (or Montreal Seasoning) generously to one side of the steak. Wait 10 minutes for rub to adhere and then flip and repeat. Stabilize grill at about 650. Of course cook time will vary with different grills and steak size, but I find 2 minutes on each side works nicely. bring down the temp to around 400-450, or move steaks away from hot coals, and finish to desired doneness. I like a very pink center so it is 2 more minutes per side. If interested I can give you a reverse sear recipe for chicken that is awesome. Best book I have found is Smoking Meat by Jeff Phillips.