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  1. EXCELLENT! I didn't even go skydiving yet! I need to do more jumps and get my license and jump by myself before I know if skydiving will elicit a sense of exhilaration!
  2. Well I apologize. I was being somewhat facetious, and more than a little sarcastic when I summarized your post by only mentioning the two points you made that could be construed as offensive. Along with the unintentionally condescending/offensive points, you also made some good points (and I considered them.)
  3. Okay, so I got some varying opinions. Some say that this is perhaps just a normal reaction. Not all people are the same--some react to skydiving by expressing their emotions outwardly, while others remain stoic Some have gone as far as to say that perhaps I just have "nerves of steel" Other's say to go ahead and experience some extra danger if that is what does it for me Still others say that perhaps the amusement park feel to the whole tandem jump thing made it so I couldn't feel the exhilaration, and perhaps I should try to go solo Some (yoink) say to not bother the real sportsmen because they wouldn't want me around, and that I may even have a neurological disorder (however unlikely) These are all valid points and I will consider them. I am open to any other suggestions/opinions, if someone else would like to chime in!
  4. I just went skydiving, was really looking forward to the experience all week. When I finally get there, I just get super calm. Even as we flew up to 10,000 feet, my heart rate didn't increase or anything. I didn't get nervous or care at all. Jumped out, but didn't get any adrenaline or endorphin or dopamine rush. Really disappointing. I mean it was fun, I guess, but why didn't I feel anything? Do I just have nerves of steel? Did the military teach me to deal with stress well? Or is this somewhat normal? Maybe BASE jumping would be more exciting? Or maybe if I get to jump by myself and from a higher altitude and could let the parachute out later I could have more fun?