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  1. Hello All, It is quite possible that I am posting this in the wrong section, but I could not find the original forum section I was looking at previously. But, I need everyone's help. I had scoliosis surgery when I was 16 (I am not 23) and I promised myself then that I would NEVER let the surgery define me or limit me in any way (my Dr. said It shouldn't). Yet, now, when I decide to go tandem skydiving with my mates, my Dr. says he does not advise it - but he has also never heard of any of his patients doing it. So I am wondering if he is not advising it because he is just a Dr. and taking the safe route, or if he honestly believes it is not a good idea. Either way, from the experience of peeps on this forum - would tandem skydiving be safe (obviously it cannot be guaranteed but safe relative to non-scoliosis surgery people)? My doctor made mention of his concern about the landing...if someone can fill me in on that. Thanks! And I apologize if this is not in the wrong place, I just need help to make a decision.