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  1. It is easy to jump a lot if you are willing to. Background and gear checks are quick and thorough. You can easily hire a rig too. Staff is here for you whatever you may need. The scenery is really beautiful at 4000m. and landing area is huge. You can easily hook up with formation or FF groups. All facilities are there too! Camping, kitchen, bar, wifi... If you find yourself in the region with an urge to jump, Vannes is the place to go for sure!
  2. Went there in August and found a rather busy DZ. Got quickly briefed but to it was too late to jump. Next day waiting for them to open at 9am, I am the first to get my ticket and my seat in plane. After the Porter took off for the fifth time without me, no explanation is given, just that there is too many tandems in the most unfriendly way despite me remaining cool and smiling. 6th then 7th Porter takes off without me. A bunch of angry skydivers from Paris are there too, yelling at the loadmaster who goes like this: "no one is retaining you here". So I left, to Niort with a staff more than happy to have me buying tickets the whole afternoon in a jumping frenzy! The DZ at Royan is perhaps ok for homies, but I will never go there again. I would suggest to go to Niort to every skydiver in the area.