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  1. Skydive Auckland is the main skydiving centre for both ' sport and tandem skydiving ' in the north island of New Zealand. Located approximately 40 min. north of Auckland city, Skydive Auckland offers a wide range of skydiving activities for the many different types of sport skydiving from freeflying, to wing-suiting and formation skydiving. Skydive Auckland is also a highly rated Qualmark ' tandem skydive ' operation that is known and established as Auckland's highest skydive at 16,500 feet. In addition to the great facilities and professional, good-natured, helpful staff this drop zone also has a wide range of experienced sports skydivers who regularly jump here ranging from new AFF students, to novice skydivers working on their A and B licenses, all the way through to highly experienced and world-class skydivers that have been involved in the sports for decades and have many thousands of jumps. Overall this dropzone offers the very best skydiving experience for anybody looking to either skydive once via a tandem or hook straight into the exciting and vibrant ' sport skydiving scene ' here in New Zealand. The Parakai DZ is where Skydive Auckland is located and is a very popular and well loved centre for sport and tandem skydiving in New Zealand. So if you would like to experience the ' King of Adventures ' visit Skydive Auckland and step into a whole new world of world-class awesomeness ! Highly Recommended A+++++