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  1. Anyone know if theres any friendly experience jumper dz's on Honolulu or the big island? thinking about moving out there, and this might be a deal breaker.
  2. UPDATE: i went to the location where i purchased the container, the same place that the rig was assembled. i was first told that it was common for main loops to break after 6 jumps. after me asking them if they were sure they wanted to stand by that statement they said there might be some other factors causing the premature ware, and they started to inspect the container. found no burs, and i was told to keep an eye on my loops, and referred to contact the manufacture for any other problems. honestly felt like i was pushed along, and hurried out. which is a shame because i had such a pleasant time during the process making the purchase. so my plan is as before, pack myself, follow the advise from here and distributor, in "loop care", and see if it was a fluke. and go from there. and yes i bought more loops, the first sign of loop ware i will be replacing them. my question now is: loop size? how does it come into play? the loop size of the one that broke on me was small, like thread threw a needle. and someone just put up a photo of the "eastern european loop" and now the loop that is on my container now-loop size I've been seeing in most of the pictures everyone has posted, and of all the rental rigs I've seen.
  3. thanks for making it absolutely clear what i should do. this is what I've been planning on doing since i left the dz. I'm glad there is a community of 3rd party jumpers that can weigh in, when sometimes you don't know if your getting a straight answer from people trying to protect a store/company. ill report back what my rigger says.
  4. Need more info... Was the loop brand new? Where did it break? At the loop? The knot? Somewhere in-between? What kind of material was the loop made out of? 550-cord? Spectra? Do you use a leverage tool to close it? How do you remove the pull-up cord when the rig is closed? Are there burrs on the grommets? Sharp edge on the loop washer? Show everything to a local rigger and have him examine it. Yes, something is wrong. Might be the rig. Might be the loop. Might be you. If it broke on jump 6, you probably should have noticed something wrong on jump 5, and replaced it. yes it was a new loop(to my knowledge) don't know the material of the loop(looked to be white paracord with a gray dash) didn't notice anything wrong with the washer, and the loop broke near the top. i haven't been packing it, I've been practicing packing it(not actually closing the contianer, just getting it into the d-bag. my last time practicing i got to the point of closing the container and noticed the fray on the loop, and asked the instructor to taKE a look he said it needed to be replace, he attempted to close it to show me that it would break, i assume) Every time it has been pack was with a power tool, except one time with a pull up cord. and when it broke it was with a pull up cord also.
  5. yes your right, i do have the container maxed out, with a pilot. if this new closing loop breaks again after 6-10 jumps then ill check with my rigger/or the place that sold me the container to see what we can do.
  6. it broke at the top of the loop. before it broke i noticed that it was frayed on the sides near the tip. sorry no photo
  7. I'm new to the sport, with a couple week old rig. container was new and everything else used. i had the main closing loop break during packing, only after 6 jumps. is this normal? or is there something wrong?
  8. Nice clear landing area, easy to spot from the air. Kick a$$ plane. Great people, and had someone to jump within seconds of being there. I'll will be going back, and I live three states away.
  9. Im in the same boat, trying to figure out which is the best option for a travel gear bag for oversea travel. Id like to also keep my rig as a carry on. here are the two options that Im trying to decide on. and anyone have any experience with either of these options??
  10. What can I expect when traveling out of the United States with a rig containing a AAD? I see on the uspa website they have tips for traveling within the USA, or traveling to the USA, but what about going from the USA to Europe, or Africa, Asia, ect.???