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  1. The question should be: how much altitude can one gain in a wingsuit? I know the answer is at least 40m (130ft, according to Flysight)
  2. Chris has not returned any of my 5 emails over the past 6 weeks. I have no idea how to contact him at this point, still waiting for my suit ordered in December 2013 with the options I paid for. I did receive a temporary suit from him a couple of month ago but it's too small and is starting to fall apart.
  3. Bad news, guys. Chris's email is down.
  4. Another unhappy customer here. It has been 10 weeks past the original ETA. 1 FS suit ordered in December 2013. The email conversation with Freefall Suits not has 32 entries, though as of today the suit I ordered has not been built yet. Multiple delays and emails from Chris trying to justify them. Seriously thinking of requesting a refund at this point. I have not been offered any compensation for the 10-week delay(and counting) and the fact that I missed the beginning of the season here and am forced to rent a suit while mine is still being built. I understand that things happen and Chris is not having the best year so far, but keeping your customers so unhappy and uninformed about the current state of your order + multiple incorrect ETA's is not the way to do business. Alexey