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  1. achikin

    Safire 3

    Does anyone know exactly what that "powerband" is for?
  2. As far as I know - they are aware of those patents and managed to find a workaround in their construction. There are actually two more tunnel manufacturers in Russia and at least one of them, Tornado, ships its tunnels worldwide, including Europe. But those are not closed-circuit.
  3. T-105 vertical aerodynamic tunnel, Russian Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute, built 1941
  4. AADs are mandatory in Russia nowadays. Of course you can find a "wild" DZ, where you can jump with any equipment you want.
  5. The last picture shows two different labels from two different parachutes.
  6. That statement about Poland is a little bit of speculation. Here is what has happened: One of Russian skydivers has bought a used PDR-176 for a relatively low price. Later he has become suspicious about it's coloring and further inspection has shown that the label has been reattached. He has contacted PD and they responded that PDR with this SN should be solid yellow. [Image];postatt_id=146811;[/Image] [Image];postatt_id=146812;[/Image] [Image];postatt_id=146813;[/Image] Later one more guy has shown up, stating that he has bought PDR-126 from the same seller and it also has the signs of label reattachment. [Image];postatt_id=146814;[/Image] [Image];postatt_id=146815;[/Image] [Image];postatt_id=146816;[/Image] [Image];postatt_id=146817;[/Image] [Image];postatt_id=146818;[/Image] Finally the third buyer showed up, providing pictures of a PDR-126 with a label replaced and SN identical to the second guy's PDR-126. [Image];postatt_id=146819;[/Image] [Image];postatt_id=146820;[/Image]
  7. I would argue against choosing a canopy based on a single parameter. First of all those three you've mentioned(Sabre, Safire, Pilot) are very similar in there characteristics so "the best" means slightly better then competitors. Second - a good flare is a result of your flying skills more than of canopy construction if we're talking about those three, again. Being so focused on flaring capabilities can mean that you have flare problems and you're doing yourself a bad favor trying to eliminate those issues by choosing a more flare-forgiving parachute. Third - when you'll figure out the flare - you'll end up with a parachute which is good for, well, flaring, missing the other characteristics like getting from long spots, front riser pressure, turn performance and whatever. Lastly - canopy flying experience is a very subjective thing. Different people can give completely different opinions on the same parachute at the same WL, including flare performance. So better try out all of them and choose the one you'll find the best for you.
  8. From my experience Magellan is less steeper than Saber 2. It's closer to Safire 2.
  9. Good estimate from my experience. What helped me: pick a good coach, stick with him, train regularly, keep yourself fit. Also plan for some jumps with instructor - there are things that you'll never learn in a tunnel.
  10. +1 for swimming pool. I find it very useful for increasing tunnel stamina.
  11. This is not a completely fair comparsion: PDR is opened in a violent spin while OP is opened in a stable position.
  13. Obviously this is not true. Local rules will have priority on non-USPA dropzone regardless to your membership.
  14. Sorry, my bad. It is the same project, but not a franchise.