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  1. Years and years ago this happened to my Jump master (Frank) when I was doing a hop and pop in Bristol WI. We used to do poised exits straight out of the door. He used a T10 and a belly reserve, same as students did. Airplane suddenly shifts a bit causing me to lean back some. Next thing I know I am halfway down to the peas and I see another canopy and I was supposed to be the only one jumping. Turns out when I was thrown backward a bit I must have set off his reserve yanking him out after me. Thankfully he only fractured a bone in his leg and I do not recall any damage to the airplane.
  2. Some names you mentioned I remember. My jumps were in 82/83. Frank broke his leg during a hop and pop with me. I was facing out the door ready for him to yell 'go' when the pilot suddenly banked. I fell a bit backward before he pushed me out. While I was under canopy I suddenly saw Frank as well. I found out after landing that when I bumped him that surplus belly reserve he used popped open and yanked him out the door!
  3. Hey, Bill Lesjak still jumps and shows up at East Troy on occasion but not sure about the rest. We lost Rick O in '92 from the Beech crash at Hinkley and I think Bud was around 83 in Sandwich from a freefall collision with John T. Thanks! I believe tandem was just beginning when I was going to Bristol. Bud had begun taking the course and offered to take me as a rider at some point when he finished it. He jump mastered me on my last jump and I quit shortly after. Went to his service after the fall. Bill Lesjak put me out a couple times at least. Thanks again
  4. Dragging up an ancient thread. I was cleaning out a desk drawer and ran into my lowly 25 jump career logbook all made at Bristol. Names that are gone now that signed that log book. Maybe more that I don't know of. Bud O'Conner Rick O. Have some names I can kind of make out and wonder if any are still making jumps. Phil Coe, Larry Lattish?, W. Lesjak?, Jeffery Rich, others I can't read all from 82 and 83. So odd that my first and last jumps had Bud as my jump master. I wonder if that Beaver is still flying?