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  1. G3 xl with 1500+ jumps and 50 tunnelhours G4 xl with 130+ jumps and no tunneltime In my experience the G4 in xl is bigger than the G3 in xl. It’s a very small difference but considering my G4 is still not really broken in like my G3 I‘m considering changing the G4 to size L. Maybe the small difference in size is exaggerated due to the weight difference, as the G4 is heavier and wiggles more easily when you move your head.
  2. Ever considered changing the dz? Eggenfelden is not the world after all.
  3. Crappy turn, not much power left after levelling out, way to long on rears, too much rear riser input while leaning forward and subsequently his canopy stalled right before he transitioned to the yellow stopping thingies called toggles. user error and something you should discuss with a competent coach before learning to land with rears. gusts didn‘t play a relevant role in this if any. search this forum for explanations regarding toggle stalls vs rear riser stalls. stay healthy
  4. Having flown everything from Pulse to Peregrine/ Petra I‘d say it’s one of the biggest steps one could make following the path of the PD-lineup, which would actually be more along the lines of: ST150, SA150, SA135, KA135 The Storm, being the sportier one of the two seven cells from PD is still a noticeable step in performance behind the Sabre 2. And the Katana flies in a different world compared to the Sabre. If I had to choose which canopy to progress my swooping skills on up to 270s I‘d always opt for the Sabre as it offers a reasonable amount of safety due to its quicker recovery arch while still being a breeze to learn to fly those rears on. also you’d still need to be very precise while swooping the Sabre (same as under the Storm) which pays of bigtime in the longrun leading to you being a much more consistent, therefore safer and much better canopy pilot. If you‘d be good under and able to handle the Katana can‘t be answered here on this forum. Go and discuss it with somebody that earns money sharing his CP-skills ETA: I LOVE Katanas bigtime
  5. So a friend of yours had a standard malfunction and handled it correctly. Is this, what your post is about? Good for him, but does it justify such a post and headline?
  6. You become a testjumper in doing so. Nothing more and nothing less. It might turn out great, it might turn out twisted, slammed, snivelling for ages, you name it. also any manufacturers warranty is void, insurances might not want to pay when it comes out, that you tampered with the gear. Even worse, you might be held financially and legally accountable for any accidents/ damages, that may occur. It‘s been done a million times over and with good results. So I’d do it in a heartbeat. But you have to realise the possible consequences first and weigh your odds Please report back
  7. There are canopies with printed on logos that don‘t effect the packvolume and there are canopies with sewn on logos, that pack a lot larger depending on the size of the logo. My old Katana 120 with a large sewn on logo packed like a Katana 150
  8. When you’re from Saudi Arabia, why don‘t you just head over to Skydive Dubai Desert DZ for your licence? Relative to the US right around the corner and everything’s in english as well.
  9. Blue technora groupie here as well. From my girlfriends 107 Sabres to my Velos and Petras, I‘m never going back! Thank you, MEL!
  10. The Spectre hasn't changed at all, 2002 vs 2018 shouldn't make a difference. But beware of correct jump numbers on the older canopy and show it to a rigger if in doubt. very often have I seen advertised 200 jump "closet queens" become 800+, once I had hands on the canopy.
  11. Disclaimer: all the values except the Cypres result exclusively from good guesses and research in Facebook groups They are worth exactly what you paid for it
  12. Wuzi Wagner, Pink skyvan, Klatovy ------------------------------------------------------- To absent friends
  13. This can‘t be true... ------------------------------------------------------- To absent friends
  14. Wait a sec... FT30 packs BIGGER than sail?? ------------------------------------------------------- To absent friends
  15. Thanks for your professional insight.. Stab replacement, around 300+-€ here in Germany. ------------------------------------------------------- To absent friends
  16. Jealousy incoming How much bigger/smaller does the FT30 pack compared to ZP/sail? ------------------------------------------------------- To absent friends
  17. You don‘t, by any chance, have a comprehensive writeup about your experiences with the HKTs? Especially with any combination of FT30 build into those wings? I‘d really love to hear about them as I‘m looking for an alternative to my Petra. And here in Europe I have a hard time getting demos to try them out as much as I‘d like. Keep on rocking, your posts are always well appreciated :) ------------------------------------------------------- To absent friends
  18. Harness sensitivity and openings, little better slow flight capabilities but really not that much I haven‘t flown either VCs or Valks loaded that low, though. The biggest difference between them for me is that the Valk handles higher loadings better than the VC and of course the openings. ------------------------------------------------------- To absent friends
  19. A lot of people on here have a military background and static line experience under rounds. Sadly beside the general mindset and determination those skills beside a proper plf aren‘t worth much in a normal skydiving environment. Even civilian static line training is completely different from equipment to exit and canopy/ landing. So coming to a dz with your military static line certificate won‘t get you anywhere near a plane door to jump out of. The T11 is probably the slowest falling semiround you could jump, with a descent rate of 3-5m/s. I highly encourage you to visit Germany and jump one of our T10 rounds. You will think quite differently about your „hard“ landings under the T11 afterwards :) Go get yourself on a military FF program. It‘s worth it! ------------------------------------------------------- To absent friends
  20. ------------------------------------------------------- To absent friends
  21. I‘ve been using my G3 without the mouth piece from day one. You might experience more fogging when exhaling through your mouth in colder temperatures but other than that no difference for me. What I did notice with the liner is that it settles after a few month of use at at least half a size bigger. I don‘t like neither the chin mount on the G3 nor the one on the Aero. A light unintentional bump of a fellows foot during exit and you can count yourself lucky if it‘s still there. ------------------------------------------------------- To absent friends
  22. *Slow clap* So you successfully redirected him to his own thread. ------------------------------------------------------- To absent friends
  23. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Bt9zSfinwFA#fauxfullscreen Say NO! to vertical videos. ------------------------------------------------------- To absent friends
  24. Spain? You do know their tech comes from NZ, right. Nope. The two companies parted ways a while ago and the S-Fire and X-Fire canopies are their own babies. ------------------------------------------------------- To absent friends