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  1. Hello All, Just thought I would be a team player since I will be all over these forums reading up on things now :). First Tandem was in Lake Elsinore, California when I first turned 18. After that I went about as a snowboard instructor in Big Bear, California and worked for my brothers Scooter company Proto Scooters, Until I decided to get serious with life and moved to Louisiana to work in the oil field as non other than a Roustaboot (I like to add a little canadian accent. makes the job sound much better haha). One thing led to another and I went down to Rosharon, Texas and got my A License at Skydive Spaceland (The people were nothing short of AMAZING). Now all my money is being funneled into my Rig account so I can get off the rentals and start the epic adventure. :D. Love Networking and always down to make new friends. _Alex Broussard P.s. Probably more than all wanted to know... but now you know ;)