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Dropzone Reviews posted by wicodefly

  1. My first visit to Skydive Milwaukee was with a group of seven co-workers to do a "team day" of tandem skydiving. We were welcomed by the reception staff and were shown a safety video and had to do some paperwork.

    We didn't have to wait very long at all. We were off to gear up with the tandem instructors.

    The tandem instructors were awesome. They were very, very professional, but still managed to help you stay relaxed throughout the process. Obviously we were all a little nervous (me more than some).
    They went over the details of the skydive with us (what we were and were not supposed to do) and suited us up. They explained what would happen and talked to us about safety (the rules that applied during our tandem skydive). They also answered our questions on the plane and helped keep us at ease by keeping things light-hearted. The plane ride up was quick but very enjoyable. It was a nice comfortable plane (a PAC) and a clear day so we could see for miles (see Milwaukee, Chicago, Kenosha, and lots more).

    The skydive itself was truly an amazing experience. Going to the door was surreal. The freefall is dramatic and exciting. Once the parachute opened it was such an enjoyable ride. Beforehand, I thought it would be really fast, but you basically float around for several minutes taking in the beautiful scenery. The area that Skydive Milwaukee is located in, western Waukesha County near Milwaukee, with so many lakes, trees, farms, was amazingly beautiful.

    The facility itself is very nice, clean, and family friendly. The bathroom was spotless (a must for my OCD).

    My wife and children came to watch and had a very nice time. There are picnic tables, vending machines, a covered area to sit in, food nearby, a roof observation area, beautiful views and more.
    Everyone there was very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.

    I liked it so much that I brought my 18 year old son (who wasn’t there that day) to do a tandem with me.

    That was it for me; I got hooked on skydiving. Since then I’ve done about 50 more skydives and earned my A license. I’ve made new friends and found a sport that I really enjoy.

    I highly, highly, recommend Skydive Milwaukee. Skydive Milwaukee is a club, not a business so it’s much more of a family atmosphere.