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  1. Anyone know of an Atair dealer willing to demo a canopy in florida?
  2. Yes, a stall can be achieved at any attitude and at any airspeed! It may be very hard to do so on some canopies but yes it is possible.
  3. I would go for 310 for bigger reserve. More fabric overhead in emergency is always a good thing lol and your rigger will thank you
  4. 310 is a touch longer and has a slightly larger reserve tray if you look at the chart an optimum 143 is ideal for a 310 but "full" in a 309
  5. Curious, what the average 182 jump pilot makes? What's the average salary for say a May-Nov timeframe? What about a per load basis? Thanks in advance
  6. I have two close friends who would 1000% not be alive if it wasn't for their aad. I won't jump without one
  7. Check out a Glide. Short wait times and top notch quality
  8. Section 105.43 requires a solo parachutist making an intentional jump wearing a single-harness dual-pack parachute to have at least one main parachute and one approved reserve parachute.
  9. Its not so much the USPA that has a rule prohibiting it. It's the FAA. They do not allow jumping from any aircraft (plane, balloon, ultralight, chopper) etc.. without the use of a dual container parachute system. If you want to jump a base canopy out of an aircraft just pack it into a dual container without a d-bag. Seen it done, problem solved. Also, as the jumper don't really have anything to lose (besides your life, and maybe your gonads from a snappy opening at terminal) It all comes down to the pilot getting screwed.
  10. Had to be that guy huh? Thanks for the input everyone. Just curious, don't worry yoink safety is always #1 this was a just a question. Looks like Australia is a good bet for a cloud fix thanks again!
  11. Just curious, are there any countries that do not have any regulations pertaining to clouds and jumpers? Or at least minimal regulation? Where can i go where cloud holds don't exist?
  12. Think they would let me jump my crossfire if i joined the forces?!?!?
  13. You get what you pay for. Get measured by someone who really knows what they are doing.
  14. Vertical is in BC Canada Liquid Sky is down in Florida
  15. Learn as much about canopy flight as possible. Getting some time in a tunnel is a really good idea as well.
  16. I mean... this thread went exactly where i wanted it to! Thank you all for the knowledge!
  17. Curious to if any DZs have an exit separation chart inside their aircraft? DZ i recently visited had a chart posted right next to the door with ground speed and corresponding group separation. Jump run comes up, pilot notes groundspeed and relays it to the back of the plane. Jumpers reference chart and away they exit. Curious whether or not many other DZs use this method? It made me feel much more comfortable having students exit after me when I know that they KNOW exactly how much time to give on that specific jump run. This is something i was thinking about bring up at my home dzs safety day. Discuss away!
  18. Anyone know of a DZ in the US that holds coach courses during the winter months? Preferably in the Northeast or Florida. Even if it was more towards march/april I'm trying to see who offers it and when. Thanks in advance
  19. Could most definitely be a trim problem. If your brake lines are to short the canopy will essentially be in a flare after opening. Very minimal forward speed creating minimal lift, yank on a rear riser and it will exaggerate the turn. Next time you jump it unstow your toggles and let them all the way up. Does the rear of the canopy look flared at all? Any crease or distortion and you can tell the brakes are to short. Look into getting the canopy re-lined and ask your rigger to add a few inches to the brake lines when he does. A 210 is big enough where you could almost jump it with toggles un stowed and not have any adverse effects. If your at skydive AZ they should be able to help you out. Seriously knowledgeable people
  20. Ive found it helps to try and slow your thoughts down when you let go of your grip. Think actively from the moment you let go even the slightest position change in your arch is probably all you need to adjust and nail it. I used to be super focused on the next grip but like you would let go, cork up or drop down but I've learned everyone on the jump would rather have you make the grip late after matching fall rate perfectly then to drop out or cork up. Those split seconds you are changing grips look at all the other jumpers and start to judge your speed the moment you are about to change grips even a few seconds before hand.
  21. If your new to the sport I'm guessing your shoving as much canopy into that container you can, To leave room for eventual downsizing!? If everything is maxed out or even if not just have a rigger make your closing loop a little longer next time. Also, when you remove the pull up cord out of the loop once the pin is in pull the cord out from underneath the pin not on top of it. That will eliminate ALOT of friction. I had the same problem with my new container when i first bought it. 4-8 jumps and it was shredded... Definitely look into lengthening your closing loop. Just have someone who knows left form right check the loop to make sure its not too long.
  22. I'm taking a trip from NY to L.A. Going to last about 3-4 weeks all together. Leaving Mid November and extending into december. Was trying to get a nice amount of jumping in along the way. My question to the DZ.com world is. What DZ's should i go out of my way for. Im going to take a route most likely ending up south of colorado. Before that who knows. Anyplace that has showers and a place to camp this time of year? It would be great if i could have a nice base camp to clean up at ever once and a while and get to jump as well. Any places particularly friendly to campers? Big dz.'s like Skydive AZ and Perris out west will definitely be on the stops. But WHAT ELSE! Thanks in Advance