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  1. It was clarified at the USPA BOD meeting. First, FIA has (as far as I know) redacted any opinion. So there is no opinion as far as FIA goes. Second, USPA has confirmed that a drivers license is sufficient. Also...any competitor may anonymously submit a complaint, which will be reviewed. I can’t remember who it’s reviewed by, either the BOD or competition committee. So that’s how it stands now.
  2. You are right about changing sex to win. However someone that was a competitor and has changed their sex has now decided that he will take the female records. So it is after the fact. It’s a moot point in this instance because said person can’t beat her, however in my opinion a precedence of this should not be set.
  3. I have about 450 jumps on one of my Petra’s. At the end of the day it will always be better than ZP. It’s my go-to canopy.
  4. Spain? You do know their tech comes from NZ, right.
  5. That is categorically incorrect. Many men can pull fronts down to their lower abdomen, I haven’t seen women do that. I’m not saying that it can’t or hasn’t happened, but it’s not the norm.
  6. Anachronist, while your intentions are good, weight isint the main issue. We have NB who is one of the best ever, he’s probably 130 lbs. and we have Greg who’s probably 250, also very good. Those numbers don’t include weight or gear. We can go down a rabbit hole about speed and drag, but let’s not. Point is...there is no female competitor that is as strong as Nick at his 130 lbs. whatever happens, I guess we can decide our gender. If it comes down to that everyone will suddenly become female.
  7. Glad I could humor you, I hope you didn’t take that statement seriously. Your lol proves my point. Just because she can beat men is not relative to this situation. We could get rid of gender identity in competition all together. I’m sure that some would take issue with that also.
  8. Or we could just get rid of female records all together. If everyone wants equality, why not? We don’t have “male” records. Why the bias?
  9. It is my belief and understanding that genetically men have more body strength than women. Paticualrly upper body strength. An example would be in apes. An ape has approximately 8 times the strength of a human male. I don’t want to compete in any strength contest with an ape. If you like you can YouTube MMA fighter fights a chimp. Men have, regardless of transgender, more strength than women, particularly in the upper body. So pulling in front risers would in my opinion be a detriment for women compared to any born male. This won’t be an issue now since the female will smoke the said male. However do we want to set this standard, what about the females competing against me? Can I now set a female speed record? All it takes is a drivers license saying I’m female. That’s easy to get in California.
  10. What does everyone think about a female compitetor who has to to compete with a (LGBT) male for female records. I know it’s confusung. USPA has already made a ruling on this.
  11. I have a Sensei which is a beast. All sail re-trimmed, dives like a SOB, but just right (took a couple of tries on the lineset). Lots of bottom end. As you know Brian, the sail takes a little more aggression on the lineset due to the increased lift. Great canopy.Quote
  12. That works every time. Get nose down, pull it through the horizon and push together.
  13. FLCPA Meet #1 Skydive Sebastian February 20-21 FLCPA Meet #2 Skydive City Z-Hills March 12-13 FLCPA Meet #3 SkyCt Z-Hills Apr 2-3 USPA nationals z-hills, Apr 4-8 FLCPAMeet #4 Raeford May 7-8 Danish Nationals Open - - of June at NJFK BPA Grand Prix #1 18th - 19th June at Skydive Buzz, Dunkeswell BPA British Open Nationals 22nd - 24th July at Skydive Buzz, Dunkeswell Skydive Pink Klatovy Aug 11-14 BPA Grand Prix #2 17th - 18th September at Skydive Buzz, Dunkeswell
  14. Depending on how quickly I get my Petra and Sophia, I'll be in raeford for the sun path open.
  15. Obviously anything I've said may have been in haste, not really planning on someone losing teeth, that would be bad for swoop pics.
  16. Sorry you feel that way Charlie, but you're welcome to hold whatever opinion you'd like, of course If you'd ever like any coaching I'd be happy to help. If you don't want it from me then I can highly recomend some world champs who can help you and tell you the same things I will. Balls in your court Ian Do you think in a million years I'd take coaching from you? Seriously? That is so fucking funny. First, I have a coach, second...well...I'll do the right thing here and say nothing. Performance Designs Factory Team
  17. Nice reason to get more attention, good play. Still I think you should protect your teeth.
  18. Like I said before, I just posted a video, that's it. You are unfourtenately nothing like Nick, and I don't even know him. If I ever see you (don't know who you are, but working in that) you had better start running. You are a bad person who only wants to stir the pot and do bad things for swooping. Like I said, do you value your teeth? If so, I suggest you stay clear of me. You are the not even worth of the pond shit you came out of.
  19. Charlie I'm no protege. Nick and I learned together and then he went off to become amazing after our Twin Otter crashed in '06 and I went on to end up owning a fair amount of Taco Bell restaurants in So Cal. If you get to know them well then you will learn you have to adopt their techniques to be able to beat them. I promise you if I see a post with you showing the same skill and control they have I will be your biggest fan and promoter!! I was at the Hill Billy Boogie, Mt Vernon MO June 2006 when your dad brought one of his King Airs in. Your little brother was there and we were simply amazed that he wasn't smacking the ground. He would literally initiate a 90/270 front riser whip lower than Nick and I were coming out of our dives(we were guessing he was starting at about 350'-400'). If it weren't for the cross braces and him being so small, I would have thought it was you under your old Batwing you brought to Quantum Leap when you got your AFF rating. I remember thinking, "He hooks low like his brother." That's just the image you've always had and you may have to work a little harder to shake that label. You're an icon Charlie and people look up to you, but with that comes a huge amount of responsibility. If people wanted to be like me, I would aspire to leverage my strengths and isolate my weaknesses. If you would open yourself to learning others techniques, you have the natural talent to operate on their level and be a major ambassador for the discipline. All you have to do is make a statement like 'My technique may be a little old school but I'm looking forward to learning new techniques to run with the big boys Wink' and you would instantly gain everyone's respect back. I'll start another thread with a video of mine from a jump that got me kicked out of Lodi. Just to show you how to properly handle criticism when it comes your way.
  20. I'm so sorry Ian, the "childish rants" that I go on with were on a PM, I would call that far from a rant. Please feel free to re-post them, that way you can show everyone how much of an asshole I am. Really, the question is the "moderator" starting shit. I have no problem you questioning my ability, my turn etc. You start questioning my reasoning ability, specifically my judgement, well FU. I am paid a lot more than you sepcifically for my reasoning ability. You want to make it personal. Well you just did. Call it a rant, if you want.
  21. Honestly, I'm not trying to change anything, or say that my way is better, actually I don't teach this. I've had alot of PM's about this and I'll just lay out my thoughts here... I originally started doing the "reversal" 25 years ago. At that time and for 15 years it was "in my opinion good". Reason I liked it was because back in the day it was very difficult to get a canopy to dive. My theory was, get as high above the canopy as you can, therefore it takes longer to get under the canopy, the longer it takes you to get under the canopy the longer you dive, and therefore you gain more speed. That idea worked in my opinion until these new canopies came along... I'm saying the past 5-7 years. No I don't believe that's it's the best way, I'm not sure. I also don't believe that it slows you down. If I do a 1080 after it, am I slower? What if I never did the reversal and only did the 1080? You see, what happens after the reversal? regardless, well... Old habits die hard. And maybe I'm old, but that's the way I've been setting up since I was 11 years old, and that's what is easy for me. I think hooks are somewhat personal, and a person needs to do what feels right for them.
  22. Are you serious, this must be a joke on me, haha. Dangerously to close to its recovery arc, obviously you are a new canopy pilot. I hook and I do what a canopy wants. I know you will not understand this idea for about 10 years. The VK needs a lower turn, I don't like it, it's one of my complaints to the factory. Do you see me digging, hitting the brakes or rears? No. I'll happily answer amateurs questions. Please PM me, it saves dignity.