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  1. agreed. I'm on my 16th jump now! It is strange to see my numbers add up so fast. I took some advice from the forums and the coaches, and thats just have fun. There is no rush to get the coach jumps done ASAP. I'm just enjoying jumping out solo! - Pauly
  2. I already am starting to see this point well. today i did my 8,9 and tenth jumps solo just to work on some stabilization and get comfortable with exit. i feel like it helped out a great deal. I LOVE THIS SPORT! its kind of odd to see the transition from being an AFF student and having so much attention given to you and the basics drilled and now I'm just out there on my own. Next time i go I'm going to start jumping with someone watching or with someone to get the hang of it and practice for the coach jumps. This might be a stupid question but if ask an instructor to jump with me to practice i should expect pay for their jumps also right? sorry just trying to get acclimated to this new environment and don't want to offend a coach :P thank you! - Pauly
  3. Thank you for the replies! i will definitely take your thoughts into consideration. Luckily i met someone who is about the same skill level to go on a couple jumps with. i think the most fun I've had so far has to be tracking! cant wait to progress further. Unfortunately, ill be moving drop zones here in about two months due to my EAS from active service.. so i need to meet new connections. On the plus side ill be jumping at cross keys, NJ! one of the largest . - Pauly
  4. Hello skydiving world, just thought i would introduce myself on the forum. I finally graduated AFF and received my solo certification this weekend an am excited to progress further into my license! this weekend will be my first un-supervised jump, any suggestions as to what i should keep working on next? different exits or maneuvers? i feel extremely stable up there as of now. thanks and any