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  1. First time visiting this DZ this weekend. I have lived in CO for 2 years and have over 1000 skydives. My wife and I came here to check them out since they moved closer to where we live and we LOVED it. John and Kendra (owners) were so nice and greeted us personally and thanked us for coming to their DZ. If you are a fun jumper and want to turn some weekend loads for $25 then I highly recommend this DZ they were great. You will get more loads in a day and pay less than that big DZ to the north. They also allow you to camp out there and they have plenty of outs if you have to land off for any reason. We loved it and will be back. Hoping to make this our new home DZ!
  2. I have been jumping at this DZ for a little while now and barely know anyone. People only jump with people they know are good. If you are a fun jumper good luck getting on a load there are typically 2 hour waits to get on a load. They do have fast planes and the staff is very friendly... well most of them. There is a new rule every weekend you must follow. It is a great place to jump during the week but on the weekend if you want to hang out and get to know the jumpers or if you want to be appreciated as a fun jumper then go south. You will feel much more welcome at other DZs.