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  1. my background first. I am a Wounded Iraqi Vet. I have two broken vert in my neck six groups of herniated discs in my back. no cartilage in my knees and hips. i have 11 jumps still have not landed on my feet. my back is fine with the jumps and short of landing in a creek my lower body was fine ( had to take a month off for that mess). now last night i had my packing class and wow the pain. i rather go land in the creek again. is there a way to pack a chute with kneeling and using you knees so much? i want to be able to pack my own and not have to pay a packer for each and every jump. i already have my own rig but at this point the pain might force me to pay. also with my lower injuries should i talk to my instructor about not landing on my feet and go for my butt? i have talk with my docs both physical and mental and they both approve. this is helping with my PTSD and my wife says i have been the most relaxed since i went over. so i am not quitting. it is helping to much. i just need help ironing these few bumps out. thank you sorry for book.
  2. when do you plan on starting i think i am tallest jumper there lol in 6 3
  3. im looking for my first Alti but an torn between these two and i have talked and read a ton but can seem to make up my mind
  4. i too jump at AerOhio I am still a student i have 11 jumps and you will find the staff very qualified. It is a VERY friendly place.