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  1. what do you have for an existing insurance policy?
  2. Excellent article with ability to extrapolate even beyond just the DZ; thanks for taking the time to put that into words!
  3. DrDom

    Skydiver Suffers Seizure During AFF Jump

    Someone owes a LOT of Beer. a lot. DJBillyD... why are you here if you could not see the value of jumping from a plane? go enjoy your bowling or golf.
  4. I'm singing the song "If I had a Million Dollars" right now. What a beauty.
  5. DrDom

    6 Tips To Boost The Bottom Line

    This is great info really. I think most of us forget it is a business but thinking back to MY tandem; I jumped, I landed, I was ushered into the gift shop and was handed a bunch of stuff (it was a nice certificate, some plain-paper info with coupon, and my video). They quickly described the discounts and then were gone. I was so euphoric I would have signed up for FJC right then and probably bough a shirt, mug, and who knows what else. Instead I left and... didn't get back for months. Tandems themselves are big money, but a student jumping at the DZ can be a lifetime of income for that owner and operation. We need to reach them a bit better for certain.
  6. DrDom

    AFF cource

    just curious, did you talk to your instructors after the jump and did they have any advice? Your instructors are a wealth of knowledge and that should be used to your maximum advantage. Internet advice is free, and sometimes you get what you pay for.
  7. DrDom

    The Physics of Freefall

    Although I generally apply the metric system in the realm of the sciences, it can be done and easily converted if needed. This is an excellent post and the physics behind freefall is elegant to say the least. log base e and cosh is the hyperbolic function I believe. I digress though, this is one exceptional post because I'm such a physics nerd and this makes me ponder the sky in ways other than "jump, fall, pull, flare, repeat". Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant. Thank you :)
  8. DrDom

    My AFF second time round

    I think the only thing to say is: Congrats :)
  9. DrDom


    I dont think that was how she was instructed... just sayin'.
  10. Sounds like it just benefited you a bit ;) But we know what you meant. THAT is the sign of a good company..
  11. Those apparrently are normal per most on here. I'm trying to get past mine still! But the sport is amazing and the friends you make are for life... added: I love that comic series. Its pretty much my constant state that I get fear noogies until I'm out the door. Watching my old videos, once I'm out I'm all smiles and business... its the letting go I think
  12. DrDom

    Joined the Sky Family!

    Hey there! Welcome to the family You're quite a ways ahead of me and I hope to make my peace with the sky as well someday, but Im glad to hear you are there You got your A... but dont stop... plenty more to do ;)
  13. DrDom

    Hello from Germany!

    Welcome to the family here, and welcome to your new Addiction!
  14. DrDom

    Skydiving Video Games

    ARMA 3 has halo insertions and helo drops