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  1. hi guys. i dont have the option to delete any posts i have done. is there an option to do that?
  3. the crossfire 3 is planned to be released in mid 2016. they are still working on prototype..
  4. thats definately correct. when you are in a 100% correct body position plus a very neat packjob, the airflow/speed is not a discussion worth. but fact is, that with less airflow ( and u need airflow for opening a parachute ) the pressure and strength on the opening sequence is less too. i think more pressure compensate a bad body position and issues on line stows. what i mean is : same packjob with big linestows: with more airspeed i have a fast and strength opening sequence where my packing mistakes are made up . with low airspeed (especially on h&p) my mistakes have a lot more chances to creat a 180 degree spin or something. on h&p where i pull the chute after 2 seconds, the canopy definately snivels and inflates when i am in the airflow-less area. so i cant change my bodyposition issues and the canopy is defered a not 100% neat packjob.
  5. Hey, i want to ask whats your definition of a hop and pop for you especially in this forum. a lot of people i see doing 6-7 seconds freefall to get enough freefall speed for their opening. i think when u talk here in this forum about a "hop and pop" its that what u mean? my definition of a h&p is like instantly pull the chute on propwind after 1 second leaving the airplane. i always did this on my crossfire and had good openings. now i got a velocity and some people tell me i NEED 5-6 seconds, to get enough speed for the opening. i know that there is the "dead point" between 2-6 seconds, where my relative wind from prop and my freefall speed is very low which can give me a real bad opening with not enough power for opening especially for x-braced canopies. velo-pilots, tell me what u think about h&p . pulling directly on propwind after 1 sec, good or bad idea? or: 1st law of velocity : getting enough freefall speed? greets :-)