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  1. Disappeared out of my car in Palm Desert, CA. Near Cook St and Merle St on Sunday night, Jan. 11th 2015. I've tried Craigslist, Ebay, Local pawn shops, and door to door around the area. Inside of yellow drawstring bag. Suit is Lime green and Black with contrast stitching. Phoenix Fly - Phantom 3 D.O.M: 07/2014 David 760-288-9518 PS: There is no category for "Wingsuit" in the stolen gear section. PSS: If found and returned I will pack your chute for a lifetime... no homo? ...maybe a little... I miss my suit :( See picture below.
  2. Ordered my Phantom-3, 15 Weeks ago. (7-10 Week Lead Time) My first experience with PF. Suit has been delayed 3 times. Almost no communication from PF, have to pull teeth to get a reply. ...Suit is still 2-3 weeks out they say. The feeling is very bitter/sweet as I see the top notch quality of my friends P3's but also watch other friends get their SWIFT/HATCH in 3-5 weeks with full Swag and customer service communication. I now have a tough choice to make... Havok Carve OR Funk
  3. 2-Minutes Wind Tunnel: March 30th 3013 Tandem Skydive: March 30th 2013 First Jump Course: Sept. 21st 2013 AFF-1: Sept. 22nd 2013 AFF-2: Nov. 18th 2013 AFF-3: Nov. 24th 2013 FAILED 15-Minutes Wind Tunnel Instruction: Nov. 26th 2013 (PASS) AFF-4: Nov. 27th 2013 AFF-5: Dec. 23rd 2013 AFF-6: Dec. 23rd 2013 AFF-7: Dec. 28th 2013 AFF-8: Jan. 11th 2014 Doing #18 this weekend College student living paycheck to paycheck. Don't have the 3.5k cash for a two week crash course. The sport just keeps getting better and better
  4. Friend, you're not alone. As humans we do good changing 1-2 variables at a time. You have changed: new sport, new people, leaving the "safety" of an airplane, knowing how to fall, knowing how to CONTROL the fall, giving control over to instructors, opening and checking a canopy, driving that canopy, understanding gear, landing the canopy... and all the other knowledge they dump on you in a short day. The fact that you were able to get through the jump and understand where you are on the learning curve is a good sign you're on the right track. Just remember how intellectually and psychologically difficult what you are doing truly is. I was worried about the possibility of repeating levels as well. My AFFI gave great advice: You have your whole life to rack up jumps and get expert licenses... you have a relatively short time to be a student and learn the basics. Take it slow and don't think about numbers as much as skills. With some students they stopped calling them "levels" and just started talking about "dive flows". As intelligent beings we tend to want to organize everything into little compartments to see progress. I say throw the concept out and rely on your instructors to help get you there. That, or stop thinking of it as "repeating a level" and think of it as honing your skillset for future jumps, practice, or just a skydive that did not go AS PERFECT (instead of "so badly") as you hoped. You'll get there. Its a lot to take in. Just don't be too hard on yourself. Besides, nobody will ever stop you in the street and say "What you do you MEAN you repeated Level 3?"... most people will just look at you and say "holy crap, you jump out of airplanes?" xD most my "other" friends just call me a bird now...bringing them in for tandems/referral jumps :) , going to change some lives...
  5. Thanks for the replies. Heading back to the DZ this weekend for AFF 3/4 with my tunnel time experience. I guess jumping out of an airplane and opening successful and landing is really all that counts. My COA and awareness are great, its my damned long skinny legs! 6 ft 3 in 170 Lbs Geared up I got them chicken bone legs xD
  6. failed my first AFF today. Did some stupid things under canopy and am very tense in free-fall so i could not be let go of for solo fall by my main side instructor. Heading to the tunnel for 15 minutes of instruction to work on leg stability. Learning that 25 is just the minimum for A-License and that it make take me 25-30. also learning to take progression slow. Old or Bold right ;)
  7. I am part of a RAVE family that i go out with every 2-3 weeks...but it used to be every weekend ;) ...they know whats up now, especially since its all i talk about around them. Hell, im taking two of them my next jump day, 2 free jumps for me ;) ...And BASE is next year...Bridge Day 2014 :D Should have 100 skydives by then. Don't forget your wingsuit and GoPro, please Phahaha! ;) just ordered my Vampire5! On a serious note...Ill take the advice and wait till i have my D for BASE.
  8. I am part of a RAVE family that i go out with every 2-3 weeks...but it used to be every weekend ;) ...they know whats up now, especially since its all i talk about around them. Hell, im taking two of them my next jump day, 2 free jumps for me ;) ...And BASE is next year...Bridge Day 2014 :D Should have 100 skydives by then.
  9. Is it a bad thing that iv already thought of this?...been getting bored in school ever since my AFF started, all i think about is being in the sky or my next jump day...hell, even installing a panel on the roof...all i'm doing is looking up at the sky...
  10. haha, many of them already feel iv forsaken them for it, i don't go out nearly as much because i'm saving for more jumps XD
  11. So my parents and closest friends (all of which have not made a single jump yet) think i'm rather foolish for spending all my money on skydiving...I'm a full time college student and work my ass off as a Roof Solar Panel Installer, age 20. The truth is...Iv never found something more worth my fact, when people ask me to explain it, i'm usually just speechless stuttering for words... I'm hooked, and at this rate, ill have my A-License before I have my first car ;D Which is totally cool because Skydive Elsinore is just a 45 minute bus ride away!!
  12. Post 16 - In the comments section of the video, the student said he did all his scheduled tasks, knowing it was on video and the instructor passed him after viewing the video on the ground. :D
  13. This video just made my day, i don't think iv ever laughed so hard in my life. Was so great how the camera was pointing to pull the whole time and he just continues on with a giant smile! Being a student my self, i wonder what discussion went down after. Obviously yes, if you're ever in freefall without an instructor in AFF....PULL! but this guy was just riding it out and kept checking his Alt., he was having the time of his life up there and i think he even did the entire level 5 dive flow ALONE and ON VIDEO so i wonder if he passed? I would laugh even more if i found out!
  14. Did a tandem jump 3 months ago. Man was this a life changer! Being under canopy was incredible, I can see my self hop and popping a lot to enjoy some time just flying around in the future. Over all the entire thing was great. Arched, had COA the whole time and pulled my own chute. full opening with full control, made it to my holding area, then went for my landing. Jumping in Elsinore, so the winds were coming from the south, during the last 50 feet i had a bad side gust and of all places.... I LAND ON THE RUNWAY! Wont EVER happen again... Was to scared to make any turns near the ground but now i know i can hold one side just above my ear and stay neutral with the gust. (Debriefing info) Looking forward to getting back to Elsinore in a few weeks, the staff and training were both great. Found my home DZ :)
  15. Jumped for the first time tandem a few weeks back and since then I have not been the same. I cant stop thinking about jumping again. Cant stop watching youtube videos. Cant stop even from dreaming about it. As my dreams get more and more lucid on the subject...i wake up sad now because the only place i can afford to in my dreams :/ Im 19 and starting school in August and have had to put all my own money towards things like books and a new laptop...but i know that someday soon i will be up there in the sky again. I was wandering if there were programs that maybe could allow me to camp at skydive perris or elsinore and allow me to pack for a few days and earn my training slowly. I live in Palm Springs. (Very Close to the Inland Empire) Iv struggled with drugs over the past 3 years and this is something that for the first time makes me feel happy and alive in my core. The second I left that plane soul was smiling... saying "What took you so long, you belong here." Iv done alot of traveling over the past years and i find it very funny that the happiness iv been seeking isn't anywhere far away at all...but just 13,000 feet up...