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  1. I want to jump in Cabo, but DZ says D license required. Is it possible to jump with a B and a floatation device? Cabo folks aren't getting back to me.
  2. Hi, So I learned everything I know thus far at Skydive Elsinore. I did my AFF here as well as another hundred jumps. I have been to a few other dropzones in my time but Elsinore is by far my favorite. It has a huge student landing area, meaning I'm always feeling safe regardless of winds, canopy traffic. The people here are the best. Everyone is quite friendly to us new jumpers and is willing to teach, coach, discuss safety, review video and jump. Nightlife is great as well as there are always a bunch of different people hanging out after the sun has set. I've stayed in the bunkhouse quite a few times as well camped on site, and the facilities are excellent. I would highly recommend Elsinore to anyone from newbies to tandems to SkyGods, though I'm sure most have already been here!
  3. Hi all, I've read the forums enough I thought it was time to say hello! My fiance and I both received our A licenses on Sunday and went right off to the world of excitement!