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  1. Now you can using Map Dive, powered by Google Maps http://mapdive.weareinstrument.com/ http://thenextweb.com/shareables/2013/10/17/ever-wanted-skydive-new-york-city-now-can-using-map-dive-powered-google-maps/
  2. Good for a laugh: http://iloveskydiving.org/view/videos/skydive-bra-be-gone-fastest-bra-removal-cutaway-system/
  3. Hey guys, At the end of the year I will be in LA and NYC for a month and would love to jump a few DZs. I've heard that most places shutdown throughout winter and have confirmed that with 2 DZs in NY. Wondering if anyone knows any DZs near NYC or LA that are open between Dec 15 & Jan 15? thanks!
  4. Fantastic! Thanks for this, loads of information there for me. Much appreciated
  5. that's great, thanks. Has anyone got photos of different exits? even just some of you and your friends. I'm just trying to build up some RW knowledge. thanks!
  6. Hey guys and gals, I'm trying to find a list of 4way exit names and the different position names for each jumper. I've had an unsuccessful google and search through the forums. Any help would be awesome!!
  7. Yes, the jump was a pass on paper but I wasn't happy with it. The second was much better, much more controlled and enjoyable. Now I'm just waiting for this terrible weather system to move on so I can get back up and have another go. Thanks for the link, I had seen people talking about formations by referencing their letters and had no idea what they were. Will print it and stick it to the fridge.
  8. Sure am, it's the only DZ I've jumped at. Will venture out to other locations after I've got my B license
  9. First 4-way was a bit of a fail. Unlinked exit and i managed to get a lot of distance from the base. It took me a while to get back and then i had trouble with my fall rate. Finally managed to get docked to the group but then it was time to break away. My second attempt was much better! Still an unlinked exit and managed to get to the group much quicker and smoother thanks to my instructor saying "slow is fast". Got the star the i think it's called the open accordion (my logbook isn't here so i can't verify). Heaps of fun! Photo attached...
  10. Thanks guys! Appreciate the feedback. Will let you know how I go...
  11. Hey guys, I am currently working through my Australian B-rel tables and the next step is my first 4-way (B-rel level 10). I'm super excited about doing it and want to make sure I tick all the boxes. Do you have any advice that I should keep in mind for this first formation? Level 10 requirements (some of): - I must enter the formation third or later - unlinked exit and free built - I design the dives and organise it (with guidance from instructor)
  12. Last Sunday I had my 15th jump. It was at sunset in Picton just outside of Sydney. I could not get the smile off my face. Photo attached. Now I find myself thinking of skydiving everyday. Just so happy to have this sport a part of my life. Big thanks to the instructors at Picton DZ, their attention to detail and safety is greatly appreciated. Can't wait to get back up there.