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  1. Can you explain what kind of suits each of these body types need? I find it very difficult to find out what kind of suit you have to order as a beginner. I am looking for a new freefly suit as well. I am 185 cm and 75 kg (6'1 and 165 lb) so I guess that counts as tall and skinny. I've been looking at the Cristal Blade from Boogieman but even then I need to consider options like sliding/light codura/Codura etc. on arms, legs, front.. I'm confused!
  2. My AFF took a total of 2 jumping days. Did my AFF level 1 on one day and then because of weather etc. it was a little over a month before I did my level 2. Did level 2-7 plus one solo jump on that day though.
  3. Was on the same load as a tandem and the instructor explained that some people (me and a friend) would get off the plane at 5000 ft. and the plane would continue up to the altitude where the tandem jumps out. The tandem student asked why we would jump out at 5000 instead of going all the way up. My friends answer: "Because we're afraid of heights".