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  1. Hey, I was pulling from page 101 of the Sigma manual, the malfunction tree. 100% on the same page on this I may be assuming too much here as the video quality isn't great but I guess I figured he tried to activate the main and was unable to leaving him with a drogue in tow and an open container. At that point I'd be treating it as the "Container Open" malfuntion you quoted. Maybe he made no attempt to activate the main and went strait to reserve? Again, I'm not even remotely familiar with Strong systems. My lack of information is already making me regret arm-chairing this.
  2. Hi Rover, I did review my EPs when I pulled the exact wording from the UPT Sigma manual. I'll admit I don't know much about 20 year old Strong emergency procedures but if you hold a UPT rating I suggest you review your EPs.
  3. Well, yeah, sorry for any confusion, I was just pulling verbiage off the Sigma manual but yes, attempting to clear the drogue in a horseshoe situation where the drogue is out will involve activating drogue releases in order to clear it. Not sure how else one could clear a drogue thats already out in a malfunction situation. To be fair though UPT is all I jump and this doesn't look like a UPT rig. Strong maybe?
  4. Hey, The proper response should have been... Attempt to clear drogue -> Release RSL -> Pull cutaway handle -> Physically clear the risers away -> Pull reserve handle
  5. As some one who was planning on ordering the Dekunu One, I've changed my mind after reading through their terms and conditions. The following are red flags to me (personally): *"Please refer to Dekunu Support at [email protected] to learn more about any support offered by Dekunu in connection with your Device." - They don't give any details about the support they plan to offer. *"Dekunu may only provide warranty support for Devices manufactured by Dekunu that are located in a supported country." -And those countrys are??? *"We warrant the Device against defects in materials and workmanship under ordinary consumer use for 12 months from the date of original retail purchase." -They only stand by their very expensive product for 1 year??? Alti-2 and L&B are both 2 year warranties. *"Dekunu collects, stores, uses and discloses large volumes of data, gathered by the Device, software or individual user profiles and linked applications" - Why do they need to sell my data? If I'm paying almost $500 for a new altimeter I'd like to be able to have control over my data. *"The Device will be activated with limited functionality as described at point of sale and additional features will be activated with future software updates." - To me, this means the product isn't actually ready and it's been rushed to release. It's not going to be able to do everything they're saying it will when it's released. *"Some features and functions will only work while the device has internet connectivity." - They make no mention of which features and functions require internet connectivity *"The Device must be used exclusively by the individual whose Dekunu profile is activated on the Device, use by other individuals including but not limited to non conforming individuals is a breach of contract and voids any support or warranty." - Are you fucking kidding me? If I let my friend borrow my altimeter it voids the warranty and you'll no longer support the product??? *"Please carefully read any instructions that come with the Device, including instructions that may be available online." - There are no available instructions online to read before ordering *"Battery life for your Device, as described in any Device description page, will depend on device settings, usage, and many other factors." -So not even a ballpark of how long I can expect a charge to last??? *"You are responsible for connecting the Device to the internet to ensure data stored on your Device is uploaded" -Why do I need to upload my data at all? Which brings me to my main concerns: -What happens to my data and what functionality will be lost if they go out of business and can't keep their servers running? All in all, thanks but no thanks.