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    Blue/Black Mirage G4 M6 + Sabre II 190 + PD 193 reserve Selling a lightly used complete rig. I bought this from a gentleman at Skydive Dallas in 2015 with 157 jumps on it and added 27 more myself. Rig has a total of 184 jumps on it. my last jump was Sept 2016, and it has been a closet queen ever since. I tried to keep jumping but it never worked out, reserve was last repacked on Nov 2019 and never jumped. The reserve has never been used to my knowledge. everything is free fly friendly and comes with a square1 color matching gear bag and packing mat. Container: Mirage G4 M6, Blue and Black DOM 2007 Pillow reserve and cutaway handles from Mirage free fly friendly BOC collapsible pilot chute Mirage hook knife only thing on this container that is not completely pristine is a cut on the inside of teh right leg harness (pictures), this is on the padding and not the stitching or load bearing area. Main: Sabre II 190, Purple/Gray/White DOM 2008 184 jumps on canopy and line set Collapsible slider, purple/white Still very crispy Collapsible pilot chute Reserve: PD 193, I don't remember what color DOM 2007 No rides to my knowledge No notes on the reserve card other than "I + R" Cypress Expert: Currently not in the rig, I had it removed to be serviced or buy a new one, and was going to jump without it while that happened but I never was able to. DOM 2009. had 4 year service in 2013 before i bought it. needed 8 year service in 2017 which i did not do since I wasn't jumping at the time. Currently needs service or to be traded in. This is overall a sweet rig that has not seen very much use, and will make someone else very happy. Thanks!


    Covington, Louisiana - US