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  1. Hey guys, it´s me, Barbara - have just seen your post... if you have questions, write me to [email protected] - then i get back to you right away! :) So as a first Info - you already have the facts here and more Info, Bulletin, Rego, Prize Money sheet etc. is on I also just created a Facebook Event "Dubai Parachuting Championship" where you can find some more pics of the landing area!! It´s gonna be a great event we are super happy that Dubai and EAA made it possible for us (flyers) to be their guest. It is a "Competition only" site, so no fun Jumps, as we don´t have unlimited Helicopter space as you can imagine... So i hope to see you there!! If you have questions, would be cool to write me dircetly, i cant check the forums daily. :) Have a great day everyone, fly free and long swoops
  2. thanks alot, i will check on that cams!
  3. can anyone give me advice on what camera to buy? i am looking for the smallest HDV camera, which is great for skydiving and works with memory stick / card? i would prefer sony but they all look quite big.. does anyone know about a system where you just put the lense and a small cam on your helmet and you wear the memory inside your suit or something like this? any help would be very appreciated!
  4. hey marios! thanx for the nice post! we are glad you had a great time here! was a pleasure as well for us, have great jumps, see you sooooon! bluest skies from skydive tortuga! barbara & clarissa
  6. in my opinion for sure the best you can get is olav zipser (when he is free) in italy. he was my teacher, and made me think the right way. no wonder, he was pioneer in freeflying and has over 19.000 freeflights. the coaching doesnt cost more that others though!! great! check: they have definitely the most experience. hope that helps, barbara
  7. just sent you the mail!! i keep the key for ya, just send me the things for the email! no worries mate! see you soon! barbara p.s. primavera is kickin in!
  8. legendary, successful and still talked about in europe... the TORTUGA EASTER EGG BEERLINE KICKING CONTEST will start again on the TORTUGA EASTER BOOGIE from 5. - 9. April at Skydive Sport Center Tortuga, Arezzo, Italy NO MANIFEST FEE NO LO FEE NO BOOGIE FEE Exit Altitude 15.000 ft., Pilatus Porter, Cessna Caravan, Cessna 206 LOADORGANIZING for FreeFly with OLAV and the 1st School of Modern Skyflying Staff! Formation Loads, FreeFly Games and Races, Videos, Free Beer ... ...well we see you here... ...when you are ready to fly... barbara [email protected]
  9. maybe someone can help.. what is in your experience the best and strongest colored smoke canon product? (for freefall / under canopy) how long does that canon produce smoke? whats in your oppinion the best color? red? orange? cold smoke vs. hot smoke? does anyone of you ever tried or came up with something to wear multiple smokes (up to 8 pc?) i would be greatful for any info! thanx! fly free
  11. FreeFly - Outbreak FreeFly (names see above) FreeStyle - Outbreak FreeStyle (Performer Andy Newell & Camera Mike Carpenter)
  12. thats a good post, man. you are absolutely right.
  13. well wouldn't go that far.. VRW is a cool discipline - hopefully will be developed further - for some it will help the people who "dont know what to do" . but - diving into clouds, moving free through the sky, (freefly is not headdown), ... will NOT go down for the people who can be creative in the skies!
  14. ok man - who are you? maybe try to learn out of the post instead of missing the point. the way i write killinG is definitely not the point. (...) and as i said - maybe he will not put it into action, but maybe someone who would gets here all nice iedas what to build and how and ... try to think a little further. now you go back and think... and what is the constructive part of your post? not impressive.
  15. well this politics is just ridiculous. maybe people should learn out of what happened. instead of critisizing it and trying it agian. its up to you to try your waterball - have fun - loose it if you think it doesnt matter... just dont fill it with led please.