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  1. Maybe she doesn't want to be tagged
  2. I read that she will finish her sentence at home sue to 'medical reasons'. Lucky her.
  3. Actually, I re-read what you wrote and I think I mis-understood your comment. I thought the 'award' you mentioned (that she didn't try for) was winning the 4-way gold titles. If you meant the Skydiver of the Year award... Yea, I doubt that was her main goal.
  4. Ummm... right . There's a lot more to it that you apparently know nothing about.
  5. Yes, but the article did say that the reason she was chosen for Skydiver of the Year (as opposed to another member of the four way team) is because she was an "irreplaceable" member of the team since she funded everything. I don't agree with this reasoning.
  6. I suppose I might feel that way too if I knew him. But I don't know him at all. I think it's reasonable to be wary of someone (who I don't know from Adam) after reading a thread like this about his business on the internet. I'm sure other people who have read this, who don't know this man at all, feel the same way.
  7. What was his reason? Unless I hear a good one, I won't ever order anything from him.
  8. I know (and have jumped with) four African American skydivers. All four of them are white.
  9. Try PMing him. His username is genfreefly and his last logon appears to be this past Saturday the 20th.
  10. Perhaps you guys should try PMing him. His user name is genfreefly and his last logon was this past Saturday the 20th. Maybe he's even been reading this thread.
  11. skyblu

    "do do"

    That's like something my little 6 year old nephew would have thought was funny.
  12. Every office I've ever worked in has at least one jackass who always clips his fingernails at work. Then leaves pieces of fingernail laying all over the place. Why can't you do that at home?! This is a place of business. I cringe whenever I hear that noise.