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  1. Personally I have ridden up in the jump plane before when I was in the early stages of my IAD jumps, it was fun seeing jumpers from the King Air instead of the Cessna, which was what I was used to. Your friends/family should enjoy watching from the ground just as much as the air if not more because they get to see you under canopy and on your landing pattern. As far as gear is concerned I agree with what everyone else has said, BUT I would give you the advice I was given as soon as I graduated IAD student status. The first things I bought was a helmet, goggles, and altimeter. Don't get me wrong, you are able to rent these along with your rig until you buy one, but having a helmet, goggles and altimeter might make you more comfortable like it has for me. I would say don't throw down STACKS on that gear, but personally having that gear has helped me become more comfortable and consistent.
  2. I've only found the manual online saying you can take pictures every 5 secnods, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, and 60 seconds, but I guess if you were skydiving, every 60 seconds would be kinda useless, haha. I've got a GoPro 3 Black as well and I'll keep looking around b/c I'd like to find it as well.
  3. Welcome! You done with your AFF yet? I went through IAD and I'm almost at my A license. I'm also mad I didn't get into this sport sooner than I was 25, haha.
  4. A fellow Duc rider! Awesome! I ride a 2011 Ducati Hypermotard 796, my second Duc, I love it. First one was a 2002 Ducati Monster 750ie S.
  5. Haha thanks! I was trying to figure that out.
  6. Here's a youtube video of my IAD #13 jump. Any pointers or advice would be great and helpful! This was my last jump on IAD student status and graduated two jumps early!
  7. I don't think you should quit either because of your foot, most of the tandems I've seen have landed on their butt kinda like in a slide with your feet out in front of you. I also have seen others who come in for a landing and flare a little late and just land in a small slide on their butt much like a tandem does.
  8. Yeah I've figured that the couple months I've been there haha
  9. Thanks Skymama! A friend of mine actually went to that boogie this past year and had a great time. He's living with me this year so I'm definitely planning on putting that on the calendar.
  10. I'm a beer sales rep for a local distributor so I've got plenty of stock coming their way.
  11. Hey all, my name is Seth and as of last weekend (Saturday) I was the first student IAD graduate from Skydive Monroe in Monroe, GA. I got into the sport from a future roommate of mine from Savannah who had been jumping in Palatka, FL for the past two years. From the first IAD jump at 3,500ft I was instantly hooked. I started the IAD course in February and graduated at IAD jump 13 when normally you have to go to IAD jump 15. I graduated early and had to do my first solo Saturday and another Sunday. I'm glad I finally joined this forum because I've heard so much about it and I'm excited to be here! Thanks for having me and being so welcoming! Seth