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    Skydive Elsinore

    First off I will put out the disclaimer that I only have 29 jumps and have never jumped at another DZ. With that said, I feel very comfortable recommend Elisnore to anyone that wants to learn how to skydive. I have worked with 16 different instructors and coaches during my short career and everyone of them has been professional, knowledgable, and friendly. I am continually impressed with the level of instruction and the entire staff's genuine concern for the customer. For example, my first jump I let up on the flare at landing and hit hard I couldn't wear a boot to work for a week. Lisa, the kind woman that picks me up when I land in the boonies, was very concerned and ensured I was in fact alive and ok. Then the staff got me an ice pack for my foot. I have heard of other places where newbies get critcized, not at Elisnore. The staff will let you know you screwed up but in a constructive manner that is aimed to make you a better, safer skydiver. That brings me to my 2nd story, On one of my first few jumps I landed pretty close to the runway and the wind picked up my canopy and dragged me a few feet onto the runway. Obviously this wasn't intentional and it is potentially very dangerous. I had a talk with Lob (sp?) and he taught why we want to avoid the runway, how to make minor corrections on final, and then another staff member taught me how to rapidly collapse my canopy if the wind catches it. Again, very proffesional and constructive critism. This past weekend, 1st time jumping after getting my A-License, I showed up to the DZ and was going to do more solos...since I don't have any buddies to jump with yet. Sydney, a kind soul that always remebers my name, told me about the Excel coaching session that was going on that day. It was an awesome experience doing 3 and 4-ways the first weekend I had my A-License and getting great coaching for free. The moral of this story is that Elisnore is a great DZ and all the people (staff, jumpers, Tony the hot dog guy) are awesome. GO GATORS SEMPER FIDELIS