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  1. anyone know whats happened to trunks' web site
  2. my son Dylan just turned 13 and he has done 2 tandems already when he was 12. He already wants to do his AFF but has to wait a few more years to follow his dad
  3. U used a 70-200 can I see a pic of your setup please and what Elmer u use. I have a anon 1dx, 5d ii and 40d and lots of L series les and want to set them up on a helmet. Not too sure about the 1dx but wat I the best canon to use I might buy a new canon just for skydiving
  4. ANY IDEAS ON THIS CAMERA THIS IS THE TOP OF THE RANGE AND NEW OF THE HANDY CAMS. the only think i am not sure of is the microphone on the top of it. Has anyone used this model and if so what are their comments
  5. G'day guys, About to get my C license shortly and i wish to get the best available gear for camera work. Was wondering what is the best camera to buy ? best Video camera ? best helmets ? for the record i currently have a cookie G3 which i will mount my go Pro on. However i really would like to do camera work and will want to buy a new camera helmet to put a camera on top and also a video cam on the side or sides. I would love to get the best available as not really worried about the price and would prefer to buy the best now then to do it later. i have been into photography for awhile anow and as an example i already own a Canon 1DX, 40D and 5D ii. dont have a video camera as yet except the go pro. Also when it comes to helmets what would you siuggest that has all the bells and whistles on it. thanks in advance.