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  1. Wow the audacity of some people.
  2. Does HE know where he stands on that list? Yup And I think he would get the pups out first too.
  3. In 2008 a group from work got together to do tandums. I was hooked after the first one. But life hasn't afforded much free time so five years later I finally started my student progression.
  4. Nothing that can't be replaced as long as the pups and boyfriend are out safe.
  5. I do have some concerns about that. I already have a career and this degree isn't going to do much for that career so I wonder if I will feel kinda meh about it. However this will lead into further schooling for what I want to do someday "when I grow up" lol. So that is my focus to strive toward good grades.
  6. Thanks! And good suggestion I will have to find a study space.
  7. Yikes hopefully it won't come to parental controls. Lol!
  8. A paintball gun would probably take out that quad copter. Sorry to hear of your neighbors loss however glad to hear everyone made it out without any serious injury.
  9. So as of today I am officially a college student again. Kinda nervous since I haven't been one in 9 years. I just keep telling myself I'm older, maybe wiser and better at managing my time (hopefully).
  10. Very, very, good advice! One other thing to add is once there are medically trained people there if they do not need the extra help. Then help the friend that is freaking out. Not always easy and not always possible since everyone responds to stress differently. But sometimes getting a very stressed person to step back from emergency responders so they can do their jobs is a huge help.