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  1. so i have lost 65 pounds and was wondering about your opinion on downsizing, was jumping a 210 spectre loaded at 1.3 that i have jumped for the last 150 jumps could i go down to a similar wing loading on same type canopy now after my weight loss or is this not a good idea? being a pretty docile 7 cell my thought was that this would be okay but would like to hear different opinions cheers

  2. hey guys had a cut away where i lost the handle rip cord and reserve pilot chute, my question is is the reserve pilot chute and/or ripcord/handle standard size from sunpath or different from rig to rig?

  3. hey guya wondering what is the smallest size i can put in this d-bag javelin oddessy j4.5k the sunpath size chart gives a max canopy size but no minimum would a 170 or a 190 fit any help much appreciated cheers guys

  4. im just looking for information on the two suits i am already jumping smaller suits and will be doing so for awhile longer i am simply educating myself as to what is out there i have not found much info about the differences between these two suits and was curious. how do they fly are they fast nimble floaty etc it seem the logical next step to intermediate/advanced wingsuit to start learning as much as you can about different wingsuits, i know the two suits are different i was wondering how they differ. in the same way as i spent a long time learning about skydiving then trackingsuits then smaller wingsuits in general i am now looking into bigger suits and gathering information. different suit for different things right? dont think its rushing anything to go from prodigy to sfly expert to havok to colugo/scorpion in 150 200 ws jumps? or correct me if im wrong...

  5. jump numbers are older just havnt updated i started on a prodigy then an sfly expert will be doing a number of jumps on a havok now in march. just doing some research on the different types of suits out there these two seemed good for distance speed not looking for acro suits but hang time and distance. im basically educating myself as where to go later this year.

  6. prodigy is the way to go bro flies like a proper wingsuit and is quite safe and easy to fly easier to fly than the f.ex tube 3 tracking suit even. phoenix fly used to recommend 150 jumps before flying it got mine for 250 euros and after 10 jum was ready to fly a bigger suit. hope this helps ps you will be able to resell this suit as for the access very few wold bother buying second hand, just my two cents for whats its worth.