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  1. Hey HristoP (we have the same name...?) I did do a few jumps of the Kraken and it was super nice for a 7-cell with good openings for WS and solid flare (way better than my Pilot7 UltraLPV). Hope season comes soon and you enjoy your new canopy! Cheers,
  2. Apologies for the bad advice - not intentional - that is why i put the range of 1.1 to 1.3 and that's why we have you. I agree 1.3 is aggressive in general and especially for some, others do great with it - one should know what is right for them and have his/hers instructors confirm. Nothing wrong with renting for 200 jumps to get your own custom rig for the next 500-700 jumps and enjoy awesome comfort with a canopy you like and can handle. Of course, in the mean time one can get a new/used rig at 1:1 - its personal choice and I shared my opinion and experience or renting various canopies to figure out what i like and need, then get it custom. Thanks for pointing out my opinion is too aggressive in its upper band and hopefully preventing some bad choices, although this is internet forum and nobody should base their purchasing decisions nor wingloading on advice from here. That is why we have experienced instructors at our DZs who know us personally. As Joellercoaster pointed out that I should have not been on a 1.25 loading at 200 jumps - downsized only after being comfortable with each step, taking canopy courses, doing hop'n'pops for drills including landing downwind. Never had a awful landing nor was scared of the canopy - find it quite relaxing under a 150 with still some speed when desired. May be I am just lucky so far and hope it stays that way. riggerrob - agree with you, that is why i suggested for fencks to wait until he figures out what he wants to do and downsizes to something he would want to keep for some time. blue skies, Chris The Power of the Dark Side
  3. As in many previous posts and just above: wait until you get to a wing loading of 1.1-1.3 and then: - you will have much better idea of what you like (type of canopy) - you will get a canopy that will be fun to jump for 300, 500, 700 jumps... - you can better match the harness (for comfort) and main to the reserve (yes, first pick the reserve (size)) - you will have a better eye for used gear (if buying used) Good luck and blue skies, Chris The Power of the Dark Side
  4. Looking for swoop shorts for the comfort of jumping - its hot in Dubai and swoop shorts with that teslan or similar fabric went, wick and dry fast. Also, the fit can be tight and comfy without being Capri while having cordura on butt and knees. The Power of the Dark Side
  5. I want to be an old and not too broken skydiver - going conservative and a larger canopy is great for wingsuting. Jumps Load Size 11 1 - 11 0.77 240 17 12 - 28 0.84 220 14 29 - 42 0.88 210 15 43 - 57 0.93 200 45 58 - 102 0.97 190 52 103 - 154 1.09 170 8 155 - 162 1.16 160 29 163 - 191 1.23 150 The Power of the Dark Side
  6. hey burim88, if you are a "new" tracker best is to first learn very well to rack in a t-shit and shorts - hold heading, fly your slot, be comfy to go flat or steeeeep, change direction to follow the base while keeping your slot, do some transition... then get into a suit. The other consideration - how many people track in suits at your DZ? are you gonna be alone or with just this one other dude who comes once a month? If there is a bunch of people flying tacking suits - great - ask to try theirs to see how it feels and what you like. Finally, much more people fly wingsuits ;) Hope that helps and happy tracking! The Power of the Dark Side
  7. Vertical VS LiquidSky! Anybody having one or the other - will appreciate views and opinions. I have seen both and spoken to guys at the DZ, just wanted wider view as opinions do differ.... Thank you very much and blue skies, Chris The Power of the Dark Side
  8. Thank you for the reply, BH. I hope you would consider a "summer" version with solid ventilation for hot months/climates (something the C6 Air tried to do, but failed to get to production). Are you planning a sony action cam mount? Thanks and blue skies, Chris Kind regards, Chris The Power of the Dark Side
  9. Hey BH, Looks like a great product - nice job! From the photos I cant see ventilation on the helmet (or is the 'aero' pertaining only to weight ) How will it do in hot weather (Dubai)? Thanks and blue skies, Chris The Power of the Dark Side
  10. Thanks jumpwally :) Yes, its not big as a student rig, but its not a sub 100 ft either. Having said that I'd rather have a "large" rig than a large splat... The Power of the Dark Side
  11. Hey strife, The Pulse 150 packs nice: no real "struggle" putting the D-bag in; the pin closes easy (with standard length closing loop); and the Curv does not look "preggo" at all. Also, you can press on the container and its relatively "soft" (see pictures) On that note, I was also contemplating getting the Vc1, but Angela at RI strongly suggested the 150 Pulse did not fit in it. I have not seen a Vc1 to confirm that. All in all, even with fast and shitty packs I have no trouble fitting the 150 Pulse in the Vc2. Side note - I hear the Pilot ZPX packs even smaller and might be a canopy to consider if you go for the Vc1, but getting the right canopy should come fist. Hope that helps. Let me know if you have more/other questions. Blues skies, Chris The Power of the Dark Side
  12. Here are some photos of my Curv. Its a Vc2 with a Pulse 150 and Optimum 143 Very comfy rig and feels quite lite for such a big one The Power of the Dark Side
  13. Hey guys, I am in Essen and want to do some jumps this and next weekend. Any advice on DZs around Essen and specifically Marl as it seems the closest. Crucially - anybody in Essen/Dusseldorf reading this - let me know if I could catch a ride to a DZ and get you some beers? Cheers and blue skies, Chris The Power of the Dark Side
  14. Should be ready as every weekend i see solid progress. I am now in Germany, but once back in Dubai late June will ask. P.S. you guys know anything about Fallschirmsport Marl or any other DZ around Essen? Blue skies, The Power of the Dark Side
  15. Awesome you decided to take the AFF and becopme a skydiver!!! On malls and botched landings - no worries! Just stay focused and listen to Nigel - he is a great guys and a real good instructor: I would do an AFF with him any day! It only seems scary the first few times ;) The Power of the Dark Side