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  1. YUP, to expand, remember, new ideas and inventions are not found in the box, they are found on the very edge. People that push it day to day keep the technological, economic, social, cultural, political, competitive, and legal enviroments moving forward all the time!!
  2. Theres some subliminal message there huh? Gotta hate those restraints you lacked in the rec.skydiving days.
  3. DJ 19, John Robinson, Planet Love Like all those Tokyo cats
  4. Epicurus was reborn in Florida...RUNNNNNNNNNNNNN Oh i crack myself up
  5. I didn't realize they stopped...oh thank gawd, I no longer have to live up to the Master title...I can go back to funneling and corking. What a stress reliever
  6. Nikon is always bashed for adding weights to thier body to make them feel more rugged to field photographers...want that on your head? Canon is nice and lightweight, and is catored by the bite switch manufacturers. First Still Camera??? The last thing you wanna do is buy a $2000 camera and jam it on your head (i.e. digital canons). Imagine climbing out and playing smack down with your new camera and the door frame. When your flying a new piece of equipment, buy cheap, so if you do bump and grind it, it's no big whoop. For a first camera, I'd suggest the "Rebel Ti", Runs about three bills locally at a retail outlet and is lightweight and easy to use. The auto focus motor can keep up with most lenses, and if you put it into the tail your not going to be crying all the way to the bank.
  7. It is absolutely ok to drink beer at 0700, especially if your in the Air Force. I worked grave shift for 2.5 years at Charleston and we hit the local bar every morning at 0800. The advantage is, you can drive drunk at noon and noone suspects!!! (they just assume your juggleing the cel phone and burger king) Working tonite? I may do a couple drive bys? Jeremy Will reclaim the world for pitys sake!!!
  8. Opp, shit, read your post wrong, thought you were talking about the Macro setting on your 105. (its icon is even a flower!) Yes, Skyfly is right, a lens with macro capability is just that, more adaptive to that feature, don't even worry about it.
  9. Closeups...ya don't need it for skydiving, unless someone puts a nice flower in the jump plane and you want a great shot of it. edit: just to be clear...really really close close ups. not for interviewing or anything...literally, if you were shooting a flower within inches
  10. I've had both, I like the Pocket PC better, or applications screen size. Palm is cool cause you can sync it to your Yahoo account...VERY convenient if you break it on the road and need your schedule ASAP! You can do that with Pocket PC and Hotmail, but they make you pay like $10 a month. I have a Palm now becuase my Pocket PC (ipac) shut down a couple times running simple programs and froze. Oh and the pocket pc tends to turn on by itself alot, the palm is pretty solid, wish i could get the best of both worlds. Palm can do everything the pocket pc does, but the applications cost you more. Pocket PC comes with MP3 player built in, word, excel, voice recoreder, that cool sign on screen with a rundown of your day. You can get all these on the Palm, but you'll pay for each upgrade. The MP3 player is $100 alone!!! Ipaq comes with a more portable charger, Palm comes with the cradle. I hope this sketchy crazy, non-structured post helps!!!
  11. Why is it, that even though swooping is progressing, I'm not seeing more and more beyond the 360 speed generating techniques? For instance, a nice 720 front riser...or 1,080's...or 1,440's...? Have we achieved maximum speed with a 360? I'm not paying enough attention, they are doing it? The skill level isn't there to match the judgement of such a high setup? Adjusting your front riser pressure from hard to soft and hard again is too difficult (strengthwise) to adjust your angle of entry from such an approach? Makes ya too dizzy? I'm just curious.
  12. Dear Grant, I treat my body like garbage, how ever will I get back on the VX. I'm feeling feklempt. Jeremy Ruled the world, got bored, gave it to Spizzzarko
  13. Do you see it...there it is...tears...streaming tears. (There are no nose hairs in those tweesers I'm holding...swearrrrrrrrr)
  14. 2 more jumps and you have to take that A licence test...better start hittin that SIM. (although that section you don't have to study...yet) If I told you I would only be hurting you in the long dat SIM.
  15. Yes, you must call ahead. Next time I'm at the DZ I'll get you the digits! I'm not sure which base around here does it (maybe none with the altitude). I did mine at Shaw AFB in SC. 9 minutes at 28,000' with no mask (they told me to put it back on, i know i could have gone longer), leads me to 2 possible conclusions. 1) I'm a skydiver and used to breathing in low O2 areas or morelikely... 2) Not much upstairs needin operational O2...