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  1. Add to your list: When jumping at a DZ with unfamiliar conditions (and the humidity of the gulf coast is probably not normal to most), find a local camera flyer and ask them how they deal with XYZ issue. Between the staff vid guys (quite a few) and the team vid flyers (half a dozen at least), we've come up with different ways to keep different cameras/lenses happy. A note on two-element lenses in the humidity - if the fogging occurs inside the lens, get a new lens, it's not worth the effort. On cameras and the humidity - unless it's completely unavoidable (dubbing), don't turn cameras on under 4K (or some similar altitude where the humidity is much lower). And try to turn your cameras off under canopy - the higher the better. It helps avoid the vapor lock message and subsequent hassle.
  2. More photos of the non-competition jumps: Great job on the even SDSL, Dave and crew!
  3. grumble short answer: I pulled down the "nearly complete" pictures, to prevent anyone from buying a "nearly complete" 150 way . As for the home computer; I am still working on getting everything running back at home. Having just moved, I find myself having to dig through countless boxes located in multiple closets, just to find the drivers I need to make certian things work. However, I do have a work computer.. and I finally finished posting up shots of the record 150, and follow up 150. Two versions of each exist, one has the event, date, and location noted on it, the other is "pure". -- Cory
  4. I have proof of the non-suckage.... Ok, I just looked at the pictures and saw that the posted ones above are not the correct shots (grips missing)... It's late and I have to get up early, so keep looking. I know I have shots of the completed formations, we looked!! I'll post the completed ones tomorrow. If we get the 2nd point tomorow though.. I may be too thoroughly celebrated to post though :) Congrats ya'll!!!
  5. Pictures of the jump...
  6. I shot a couple jumps , and had a great time doing it. You might see this one again.. but I won't say where (see attachment) . It's my favorite pic taken that weekend. It looks good shrunken down to post here... the big copy is... well... I got a "lucky" shot that turned out amazing.
  7. Lots of pictures... SCR & Firedancing Pinkpatch dives
  8. Hey there, I don't think that image is posted anywhere yet. But if you ask Eric nicely ([email protected]) I bet he could arrange it. Cory
  9. Ok, Now there were four video guys filming this attempt... and I'm only one of them :) But... seeing as Tequilagirl already gave out the link... My "favorite" shots: And the rest of my shots that weren't deleted upon viewing: On a side note, the event DVD is in production. Running time will be approximately an hour. For those of you who pre-purchased it, you won't be waiting long :) Anybody else that would like a copy contact me ([email protected]) or Eric ([email protected]) and we will add you to the distribution list.
  10. Well... here in Texas it is a crime to kill things without a hunting license... we're just waiting for the state to offer "NewOrlinean" stamp. In the same vein, keep an eye out for the "Runnin'-Border-Crosser" special permit. Watch this url for details on upcoming special stamps... Keep in mind though that, "SPECIAL NOTE: No STATE stamp endorsement is required for anyone under 17 years of age (resident or non-resident), holders of Lifetime Resident Combination, or Lifetime Resident Hunting licenses." (quoted from the Texas Fishing and Hunting Regulations Summary).. so if you qualify... load up your spare clips and get ready for some fun!
  11. Umm... I paid See yall at Spaceland
  12. psuCory

    I did it.

    Heh, just stay away from cruisers... If you're going to break them in under 200 miles . (don't worry, it's fixed now) Let me know when you're ready to ride bro... though don't expect me to pull any of that trick shit.. aside from making it safely to the next bar
  13. Heh, I also received a "No Score" for one of the zone accuacy runs for blowing out the end of the course . I never got wet, but the landing on that "no score" round more than made up for it... those in attendance are probably still lauging about it (I know I am ).
  14. psuCory


    Ehem.. 13 of the closest friends... yall always leave the camera guy out hehehehe . I'll post the pics later today... I'm sure Shari is in at least one of them
  15. LOL... that sounds much worse that it is I'll not spoil it for ya though hehehehe...