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  1. Edit it down to 45 seconds, and it will be fine. -- Jeff My Skydiving History
  2. Nicely shot and put together, but too sedate. -- Jeff My Skydiving History
  3. In about 1976 we had one, belonging to Randy Houck, and we relined it, ripped out a bunch of reinforcing, put on a slider, and called it the "Scara-Plane". -- Jeff My Skydiving History
  4. I'm going to go against the grain here and say less beer, more jumping. The beer thing is a bit out if hand. If you ever ask beer drinkers anywhere if you owe them beer the answer will always be yes. Just jump. Be nice. Take crap when they dish it out. Dish crap out to them. -- Jeff My Skydiving History
  5. Don't stuff the nose at all. Pilots are sweet. In several hundred Pilot jumps I don't recall ever having end cell closures. If I did, on any canopy, I'd use rear risers or brakes to fix it. -- Jeff My Skydiving History
  6. Long time ago I was in the USAF and started skydiving in the civilian world, at Star, Idaho. The rest, as they say, is history. -- Jeff My Skydiving History
  7. Then --> Than ALthough I don't care, I'm going to buy a Mirage today, maybe two of them. -- Jeff My Skydiving History
  8. $700 or less for everything, depending on condition. I'd be very cautious of the gear at any price. Sometimes even free isn't a good deal. It needs to be inspected very, very thoroughly. It almost certainly is ready for a new lineset. -- Jeff My Skydiving History
  9. You are all horribly wrong. The worst rig is a Top Secret with an original Starlite main and a 24 foot unmodified reserve. I've jumped all three, but not at the same time. -- Jeff My Skydiving History
  10. At a busy DZ there is likely someone else in your category. FInd them. Do simple skill-building 2-ways. -- Jeff My Skydiving History
  11. I have a dim memory that the service ceiling is essentially dictated by performance. It is the altitude that the aircraft can still get 100fpm climb. Or maybe not. -- Jeff My Skydiving History
  12. In my 35 years around skydiving one thing that has remained constant is beginners who swear they were doing it right, when they weren't. Video has helped convince them, but sometimes even that isn't enough. I'm 99% sure that there is a benign, straightforward explanation for what happened, and your instructor can give it to you and us. -- Jeff My Skydiving History
  13. I'm a big Pilot fan. I hate the Sabre2, but I'd try the PD Pulse. -- Jeff My Skydiving History
  14. That was at the '79 World Meet in Chateauroux. I remember it well. Ottley gave us "the talk" about returning it, if we had it. I was never aware who the actual guilty parties were. We made some effort to convince the Chinese that it was an honor that their flag had been stolen. I don't think they understood that. -- Jeff My Skydiving History
  15. In my 35+ years of jumping everyone has always given everyone else crap for whatever they do. It is part of the fun. It isn't hate, but more like "I don't want to do that, so I'll make fun of you for doing it.". I have always viewed it as good natured under it all. Surely one thing that skydiving should have taught you is not to care. -- Jeff My Skydiving History
  16. I have a PhD in physics if that will help. Having read the thread, I'm not enthused with the possibilities. The science and mythology of electromagnets, gyroscopes, and copper wire is amazing, but we understand the science pretty well, and the hard part is undoing all the damage and time waste the mythology induces. Give me a concrete idea, and I'll give you a concrete response. The vast majority of scientists are open minded and creative people. I'd love to violate a "law". -- Jeff My Skydiving History
  17. I used stretch Velcro for a wrist-mount for years. It was great! -- Jeff My Skydiving History
  18. I was skydiving in Pullman, Washington the day Mt. St. Helens blew up. It is very memorable. We could see a hugh, "wrath of God" cloud of ugly coming toward us. Lots of lightning in it. I was jumping a brand new, experimental canopy I just built, 160 sqft, 5-cell, with some interesting design features, so it wasn't a high confidence jump. We were in a C-182 owned by Palouse Parachute Club. The FAA called us on the radio and said something like "you guys really shouldn't be up there." We pretty much knew that. We jumped, the canopy was great. Shortly after we landed, I headed with a friend up to Spokane. That was when ash fall started. Now that was miserable. We had to stop the car, open the door, and dig down to see if we were on the road. Really. Breathing was nasty. Gritty eyes were very unpleasant. I was trapped in Spokane for several days until it rained and I could get out. I went to Cortez, CO and coached swimming for the summer. The insurance companies very quickly got on the air and said that driving constituted abuse, and they weren't going to pay for engine damage. And there was plenty of engine damage. My ride ended up consuming 1 qt of oil every 1000 miles after that. The air cleaner was packed full of ash. Obviously enough fine ash got through the filter to damage the engine. I'm pretty sure there were no skydiving turbines in the path of the ash fall. I don't know how long it was before more or less normal flying resumed. It was at least several days I'm sure. Probably a couple of weeks. It was very obvious how damaging the abrasive ash was to engines. It is interesting visually, but I'd rather not get volcanoed again. -- Jeff My Skydiving History
  19. It is a lot harder than you think. -- Jeff My Skydiving History
  20. Go here -- http://wraggj.people.cofc.edu/skydive_hist.html almost at the bottom of the page is the 1979 dive pool. Some very nice dives in there. -- Jeff My Skydiving History
  21. Was she from Tennessee a long time ago? I seem to recall that name as belonging to one of a pair of "Tennessee chicks" who stopped over for a prolonged stay in Boise on a nationwide tour back in the 1970's. I think her road buddy was Vickie Valentine, but I might be crazy. We loved them. -- Jeff My Skydiving History
  22. Here's one from Star, Idaho, 1973. Participants: Me (with the melon), Pete Hill (close) and Herbie Gibson (RIP). Photo: Crazy Ed Pancoast (RIP) -- Jeff My Skydiving History
  23. I know a guy who died of embarrassment due to shrinkage on a naked 10-way in 1973 at a competition in Alta, Utah. He claimed shrinkage due to wind chill. -- Jeff My Skydiving History
  24. You are all pussies. Here is a photo from the old days. -- Jeff My Skydiving History
  25. It isn't clear to me from your response above that you understood the real intent of my original post. So let me state that my entire post you responded to was meant to be humorous, as it is entirely absurd. -- Jeff My Skydiving History