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  1. Currently living in Astoria OR. Closest drop zone is Toledo Washington I believe. Just wondering if there are any jumpers / riggers living out here on the coast? I moved up here from San Diego. Just requesting to know if there’s anyone close by that can do a certified reserve inspect/repack? Thanks.
  2. Z Hills Florida. Sunshine all year long. Jump all year round. Free camping. Shower facilities. Party animals. They also have some really good wingsuit instructors and classes there.
  3. Mine went away around jump 10? Like the crazy anxiety. Now it's just more of an awareness of what I'm doing. I'm still a noob but I'm enjoying the initial exit more and more. I'd say I had more anxiety about my shitty pack jobs but after I realized they open up just fine that anxiety went away too.
  4. Did you attend the event? How was it for ya? I know a few girls that were there they said they got some really fun jumps in. I'll be back in a few more days for an entire weekend of skydiving. My new rig is almost done too. Can't wait to jump it. Waiting for it has been difficult, especially having to pay for rental gear. At least packing the rental gear myself has been easy. The canopies are much older and not slippery. Hopefully I can get my new canopy in the damn bag! haha.
  5. Looks like you're in DeLand? Or are you talking about Z Hills. This weekend I can't make it. I'm still out of the country. I'll be skydiving the weekend of September 6th and 7th though! 2 weeks is too long away from it.
  6. I'm Justin. Checking in from Florida. Lots of good reading and information on here. I'll be lurking around.
  7. I'm about to hit 50 jumps. I want to mount my gopro to my helmet. Yah, yah, yah I know the USPA recommendation is obtaining a C license first with 200 jumps. I interpret manuals all day long with my line of work and recommendations are simply recommendations and not set rules such as you SHALL have 200 jumps before wearing a camera in free fall. I'm getting comfortable in my new rig before I mount the camera. I just don't want to wait until 200 jumps. Please spare me with the added danger level of camera flying. I've read everything I can possibly read online and talked to numerous individuals about the issues. Bottom line is I'm not going to wear one until I get the permissions at my drop zone or I reach that 200 mark. I just think it's extremely ridiculous that someone with 190 jumps isn't experienced enough to wear one but then miraculously at 200 jumps you are. Some people learn faster than others and understand gear better than others. The number should be way less.